911 Tape of Deerfield Beach RV Park Attack Released

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Months after the horrendous RV massacre in Deerfield Beach, Fla., the 911 call made by ruthless killer William DeJesus has been released.

For the first time we are hearing the voice of a man known as a “monster” by his own children, CBS Radio, Miami, reported.

In February, DeJesus held his wife, two sons Jesiah, 9, and Samson, 7, an elderly woman and her boyfriend hostage inside at a Deerfield Beach RV park.

“I’m inside a mobile home and they were going to kill me and my kids because they’re not white, they’re Puerto Rican and I had to hijack a lady, one of your New World Order people from Canada,” said the crazed killer.

Test later revealed he was high on cocaine, amphetamines, morphine and opiates, which may explain the outrageous claims while talking to a 911 operator.

DeJesus eventually shot the man.

“OK. I hijacked … her husband attacked me and I had to shoot him, because the guy’s here from the New World Order that they working…they told me they were going to kill my kids,” said DeJesus.

While on the phone with the 911 operator, DeJesus told the dispatcher that he just wanted to go home while threatening his elderly hostage.

“Tell them that if anybody shoots, I’m going to shoot her three times and I got another gun and I’m going to keep on shooting. Are you listening? Hello?” DeJesus threatened.

That woman, the girlfriend of the RV’s owner, was able to get away, but the horror continued inside.

Before taking his own life, he stabbed both sons and his wife. The oldest son, Jesiah died from his wounds. The Broward Medical Examiner discovered he was stabbed in the thigh, twice in the chest and five times in the back. Cocaine was also found in his system.

The youngest son, Samson, told investigators about the moment his dad turned the knife on him.

“He thinks that people on the radio said they were gonna eat me, they gonna cook me,” the child said. He didn’t want us to get eaten. He just wanted us to go up to the sky with the other angels and stuff. “

The entire call lasted about 5 minutes.


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