‘Glamping’ Offered at New Niagara Falls Campground

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John Hutchins has introduced plans to create a year-round, all inclusive, family camping resort, which he is calling The Woods at Bear Creek, near Niagara Falls, N.Y. The buildings and cabins, which are about to be renovated for an anticipated late summer opening, will feature “glamping,” Hutchins said.

“It’s glamor camping,” he said, describing the trend to weave upscale nicities into camping experiences as recently detailed on an episode of “Beverly Hills Housewives,” the Niagara Gazette reported.”

While there won’t be any hunting on the 7-mile radius campgrounds, the property is across the street from a 550-acre state forest and down the road from another 1,200-acre state forest where hunting is permitted during hunting season.

“People can come here and stay in our cabins and literally walk across the street to where they want to hunt,” he said.

But, hunting won’t be the only fall/winter activity. There are 13 miles of trails for hiking, cross country skiing and snow shoeing. The property is in the center of Cattaraugus County snowmobile trails, which lead into Ellicottville. “We’re also on a span of the Appalachian Trail. It literally goes right across our property,” he added.

Hutchins believes the land’s strongest draw will be for wildlife viewing. The place is loaded with bear, deer, turkey and other fur bearing animals like fox, mink and beaver, as well as osprey, hawks and even eagles. Plans call for guided tours through the woods.

There will also be horseback riding year round, and the horses will be part of a project dear to his heart, which will offer programs and retreats to veterans and their families at much reduced rates. His own son, Timothy, one of his three children, is a wounded veteran, wounded in action on the U.S.S. Cole in the Gulf of Yemen, so part of his passion, he said, is to give back to such American veterans.

But, in general, Hutchins hopes that “glamping” promise will motivate area families to come together for a wilderness vacation that provides plenty of opportunity for family fun and bonding.

I’m so excited about this property, I’m like a kid on Christmas morning,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to sharing it with other people.”




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