Pipeline Firm Sends Request for 50 RV Sites by June

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Development of an RV/camper “housing” project in Morristown, Ohio, has gotten off to prestigious start with a verbal request for 50 spaces by the first of June from an internationally acclaimed firm with a history in oil, gas and products pipeline development, the Wheeling (W. Va.) News-Register reported.

James L. Grear, spokesman for a Belmont County group that has leased a 20-acre site opposite Doan Ford in Morristown for development of the park, said the verbal commitment came from Price Gregory, a firm with a history of developing modern pipeline construction techniques that are used worldwide.

Price Gregory is coming to the county because of the Marcellus and Utica shale drilling that has spread throughout the county and the entire area.

“We’ve got the area staked out, we have all our permits in order and we’re moving dirt to start the project,” exclaimed Grear, a Warren Township trustee and one of the four member team formed as the Eastern Ohio Management Group, who recently arranged to lease the 20-acre site from Janey Doan, owner of Doan Ford.

“Price Gregory indicated to us they wanted 50 sites in June so we’re working hard to do that,” Grear declared. Most of the preliminary work to accomplish that request has been completed, Grear noted, including extending water and sewage lines into the area. A temporary road has been constructed into the site to handle truck traffic going to and from the area where heavy equipment is leveling the slightly sloped acreage.

In March, Janey Doan and Grear revealed plans for development of the acreage near the intersection of National Road and Ohio 149 to house recreational vehicles because of the flood of new people brought into the county by the oil and gas drilling industry seeking temporary housing.

The site is being reserved exclusively for RVs. There is space for 275 of them and further development beyond the first 50 spots will depend on the demand for additional sites. “We’ll develop new sites as we get the demand for them,” Grear noted.



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