Wisconsin City Divided Over Campground Proposal

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The controversy rages on about whether Bradley Park in Tomahawk, Wis., should have a campground.

For Tomahawk residents, Bradley Park is understandably a treasured asset. But after the city rejected a resolution to ban campgrounds here, it continues to be a divisive issue, WJFW-TV, Rhinelander, reported.

“They must have discussed something in closed session. And when they came out, there were motions made and the resolution that was entered in and certified was rejected,” says Ray Zindrick, from Tomahawk.

Zindrick and other campground opposers say their resolution was done properly, and they can’t understand how the city could reject it.

“We’ve had several lawyers look at it, and they have no idea why as to it was rejected,” says Zindrick.

Zindrick says he’s been asking the city for weeks what was wrong with it, to no avail. But Public Works Director Mike Tolvstad says he’ll get his answer.

“Their request for more information has gone to the city attorney who’s drafting a letter to be sent to them explaining it further,” says Tolvstad.

Tolvstad sides with what other city officials are saying: they’re nowhere near ready to start this project; they’re just exploring their options.

“We’re taking each location individually, taking a look at them, seeing if they make sense. If we do we’ll go back and look at them again, if they don’t we’ll probably just simply let those go. We’re also looking at Sara Park,” says Tolvstad.

A solution Zindrick says could work. But for now, those opposing a campground in Bradley Park are just looking for answers.

“We’d like an honest answer as to why this referendum and resolution were rejected. We want a say in what goes on here,” says Zindrick.

Zindrick says depending on what the letter from the city says, he’ll redraft the resolution, and resubmit it all over again.



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