Best Parks in America Names Four Directors

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Mike Gurevich

Randy Packard

Vern Mangels

Tripp Keber

David Gorin, president and CEO of Best Parks in America, has announced the appointment of four people to the board of directors of the national network of premium RV parks and campgrounds.

According to a news release, the four new directors whose terms officially begin on July 1, 2012, and continue for three years are: Michael Gurevich, owner of Cherry Hill Park, College Park, Md.; Tripp Keber, Chief Operating Officer of Bella Terra Realty Holdings, developers of Bella Terra RV Resort, Foley, Ala.; Vern Mangels, owner of Anaheim Resort RV Park, Anaheim, Calif.; and Randy Packard, owner of Pine Acres Family Camping Resort, Oakham, Mass.

David Gorin and BPA Vice President Deb Kohls also serve as board members.

During 2011, Best Parks was re-structured into a non-shareholder corporation and now operates as an association of member parks.

The board will be meeting quarterly with the next meeting scheduled to take place on June 6.

“These four new BPA board members represent the diversity of the park industry – the board is geographically diverse, their parks serve varying demographic segments, and the board members represent destination vacation resorts, destination tourist or travel parks and the ownership park business model,” said Gorin. “ This is a highly experienced group of sharp businesspeople and there’s no doubt that all the Best Parks affiliates will be very well served by this outstanding group of industry experts.”

Background information on each board member is found below.

Mike Gurevich

Mike Gurevich and his wife, Linda, own and operate Cherry Hill Park campground in College Park. Mike, son of Joan and Norman Gurevich, is the fourth generation of a family business that dates back to the depression (the real big one of 1929). The business has evolved from a chicken farm and general store to a tourist camp and mobile home park and to its current form as one the nation’s most successful and prominent RV Resort catering to visitors of Washington, DC.

Linda and Mike have been married for 32 years, they have three daughters who have worked in the campground, and they hope to keep the family business going into the far future.

Mike attended the University of Maryland, has attended every type of campground industry conference available, belongs to an ARVC 20 Group and loves trade shows. He is currently a board member of the Maryland Association of Campgrounds, Prince George’s County Convention & Visitors Bureau and Best Parks of America.

Together with his parents Norman and Joan and wife Linda, the Gurevich family led Cherry Hill Park to become the very first Best Park in America, joining the then fledgling group as a charter member in 2003.

Tripp Keber

As the Chief Operating Officer of Bella Terra Realty Holdings,  Keber is responsible for investor relations, developing strategic business relationships and all aspects of marketing for Bella Terra Realty Holdings. Additionally, Keber oversees all aspects of business development and marketing of company’s flagship property on the Gulf Coast, Bella Terra of Gulf Shores.

Prior to his time at Bella Terra Realty, Keber held the position of executive vice president of business development for Sagebrush Realty Development, which created and developed Bella Terry Luxury RV Communities brand. Prior to joining Sagebrush, he was president of Left Bank LLC, a Denver-based real estate investment firm with holdings in Aspen and Denver, Colo., as well as several cities in southwest Florida.

Prior to entering the real estate industry,  Keber held senior marketing and sales positions with several technology and communications companies.

Keber has a BS in Political Science from Villanova University and currently resides in Denver and Aspen with his family.  Keber is an avid snow skier and is actively involved with several charitable organizations in his community.

Bella Terra of Gulf Shores has been a Best Park affiliate since 2009.

R. Vernon Mangels

In 2009 Vern Mangels got back into the RV business when he purchased from family members the Anaheim Resort RV Park, a property started by his grandfather in 1956 and run by family ever since.

A genuine entrepreneur at heart, Mangels is no stranger to small business start-ups. After medically retiring as a sergeant after 17 years in law enforcement, he founded and was president of one of the largest Employee Benefits Association’s, which served the needs of the Southern California public service employees, had a computer consulting business and operated a women’s gym.

He attended Redlands University where he earned both his B.S.B.A. and MBA. As a “serial”  technologist, he is passionate that technology can enable the outdoor recreation/hospitality industry to connect with consumers via new channels.

Anaheim Resort RV Park has been in the Best Park in America network since 2010.

Randy Packard

Randy is the owner of Pine Acres Family Camping Resort. The resort opened in 1960 on Lake Dean in Oakham with six camping sites. The camp celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010, having grown to more than 350 campsites on more than 200 acres. Randy operates Pine Acres as a family business with his wife, Denise, and assistance from his daughters, Tessa and Jaclyn, son, Corey, and son-in-law, Ben.

Randy’s secret to the success of Pine Acres is clear. Investment and reinvestment to keep current and changing with the guest. The resort recently completed a capital program that included a new swimming pool complex and a soon to be new two-story lodge building.

Pine Acres was the recipient of the 2010 Park of the Year Award from the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC). Randy has been active in the industry for many years and has served as national chairman of ARVC, chairman of the ARVC Education Foundation, recipient of the Stan Martin Award for outstanding volunteer leadership and is the past president and board member of the Massachusetts Association of Campground Owners.

In his community, Randy served six years on the Oakham Planning Board, 10 years on the Oakham Finance Committee including three years as chairman, and most amazingly given all of his commitments, Randy has been an Oakham firefighter for 30 years and served as the fire chief for 23 years.

Pine Acres affiliated with Best Parks in America in 2011, after carefully considering the value of being part of a national brand representing the segment of the industry that best defines the resort.


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