RV Park and Campground Briefs

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From Fox News:

Officials in Yellowstone National Park say a Massachusetts man was gored by a bull bison that threw him 10 feet in the air and then pinned him to the ground.

The man, who is in his mid-50s, suffered a broken collarbone, shoulder blade, several ribs and a groin injury in Saturday’s (June 23) encounter near the Norris Campground. He was airlifted to an Idaho Falls, Idaho, hospital and is expected to recover. His name was not released.

Park officials say the man was not taunting the animal, but let the bull approach within a few feet of where he was sitting.

Park rules require visitors to stay at least 100 yards away from bears and wolves and at least 25 yards away from all other animals. If an animal approaches, it is the visitor’s responsibility to move a safe distance away.


From the Richmond County Daily Journal:

The Richmond County Planning and Zoning Board of Adjustment will consider plans for an RV park at its July 10 meeting in Rockingham.

Louis McNair, by way of his attorney Benny Sharpe, is requesting a conditional use permit to develop and operate a RV park off of Lincoln Avenue, in the Mizpah Road area of the Ashley Chapel Community in Rockingham.

According to planning staff, the request was first submitted under the name of Louis McNair but the actual applicant is Royal Cribb. The 16-acre property has four lots and is vacant. The property is zoned Rural Residential.

The site plan indicates the development of the RV park will be done in four phases, each phase consisting of 17 spaces.

“As of this date, the developer has not yet contacted the Richmond County Environmental Health Section,” wrote the planning staff in a case summary to be presented to the board. “Apparently the applicant is waiting on the outcome of this application process before pursuing septic approval. Pending septic design, the site plan could change substantially in terms of RV-space layout.”

“I’m trying to get it open,” said Cribb about his park. Cribb is from Chadbourn. “It’s going to be mostly for traveling and working people like myself, to cut down on their driving time. If my permit comes through, I would like to open in the next couple of months.”


From The Associated Press:

The operator of an RV park at Colorado’s Pikes Peak says the tourists are going elsewhere. Chris Champlin says they don’t want to vacation where it’s “smoky and uncomfortable.”

A nearby wildfire that emptied out the RV park is burning out of control, covering more than 5 square miles today. Smoke is sometimes obscuring Pikes Peak.

In the tourist town of Manitou Springs at the base of the peak, the Blue Skies Inn is back in business today, a day after guests were told to evacuate. But the manager is worried that officials are scaring people away by issuing calls for help fighting the fires.

In central Utah, a wildfire in an area dotted with vacation cabins is burning an estimated 39 square miles and threatening about 300 homes. It’s about 10 percent contained. Sheriff’s officials say as many as 30 structures may have been lost.

Firefighters in New Mexico today are mopping up a small wildfire that had threatened one of the state’s top tourist attractions, a 19th-century church north of Santa Fe. It appears to be out of danger.


From the Pine Journal:

At least five campers were burglarized at the evacuated and partly flooded River Place Campground and Bait Shop in Gary-New Duluth between Thursday and Sunday afternoon, police said.

“This is the only area that we have taken a hit like that,” Duluth Police Department Public Information Officer Jim Hansen said Monday. “Obviously, people caught wind that that area was emptied out for a while and took advantage of it.”

In addition to the five burglary reports, the department also received a damage-to-property report from the campground. After receiving the complaints, police increased patrols in the area and haven’t received any new reports of problems, Hansen said.


From the Suffolk News-Herald:

An Isle of Wight County judge found three adults guilty of misdemeanor assault and battery for strapping a 15-year-old girl to a tree and throwing eggs and dumping beer on her at a Zuni-area campground.

Loretta L. Miller, 48, and Randel Miller, 47, who are the victim’s guardians, and Ross Renicker, 48, still face felony charges of abduction after Judge Alfreda Talton-Harris during a Monday preliminary hearing determined there was enough evidence for a grand jury to hear the case. The other suspect, Margaret Allen, 46, had her case continued after her attorney could not make it to court.

According to a criminal complaint, Randel Miller put eggs in the girl’s shirt and shoved her against the tree, cracking the eggs on April 27 at Big Bear Family Campground off Whispering Pines Trail. Loretta Miller poured two bottles of beer over the teen and Allen sprayed her in the face with a hose.

Also according to the complaint, both women admitted to the incident during the investigation, claiming it was all in fun.

Someone reported the incident to the county’s Department of Social Services, which accompanied the sheriff’s office deputies to the campground, where the couples lived. Deputies were told the girl had been tied to a tree using ratchet straps, which are normally nylon and used to tie down cargo, according to the complaint.

The judge closed the hearing to the media at the request of prosecutor Steve Edwards.



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