Tent Camping Gains Traction in Alaska

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More and more Alaskans are choosing to pitch tents instead of renting RVs while enjoying the nation’s largest state, according to KTVA-TV, Anchorage.

The sights and sounds of Alaska’s backyard are what bring people out camping, especially on sunny days.

John Jessen and his group of friends are just a few Alaskans who pitch tents instead of renting RV’s.

They spent Tuesday at the Eagle River Campground near Anchorage.

“Easier, more affordable and you don’t have to work as hard,” said Jessen. In these tough economic times, every penny counts.

“Pay a little for campground fees, and then I’m done versus a couple hundred dollars per day, just trying to do a weekend getaway somewhere,” he said.

“We usually end up spending like $50 to $100 on food, max, silverware, plates and marshmallows,” said Emily Tedone, a friend visiting from New Mexico.

But what if you’re a family of four and have never gone camping?

Bob Voris, an employee at REI says it’s all about how deep your pockets are. “It really depends on the degree of luxury that you require when you’re out there,” said Voris.

He says the most basic necessities are a tent, a sleeping bag and chairs – which could cost you upwards of $500 depending on where you buy.

But even then he says it’s becoming more popular.

“We used to see a lot more RVs when gas was more reasonably priced, but now that it’s more expensive to fill up the vehicle it makes a lot more sense to get a tent,” he said.



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