Sioux City Park Recovering from 2011 Flood

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Out of the 115 lots at Scenic Park Campground in South Sioux City, Neb., at least 75 of them are taken, with several others on reserve for the 4th of July holiday. For the last 20 years, Fred Hayden and his wife Beverly have traveled all the way from Texas to park their RV in this spot along the Missouri River. And they say it’s the view of the Missouri that keeps them coming back to this park every year, KCAU-TV, Sioux City, Iowa, reported.

“Oh it feels like home. We like the waterfront, to stay on the waterfront,” says Hayden.

There are about eight campsites that are not available to rent yet, because repairs are still being made from last summer’s flooding. But considering the amount of damage that park saw last year, management is just happy to be up and running.

“There was a time over the winter that we didn’t know if we’d even be opened yet for this season. So we’re doing all right,” says Sue Brown, host of the campground.

Brown says she doesn’t know what type of crowd to expect for the 4th of July holiday because it falls on a Wednesday this year. But when it comes to campground business overall, Brown says the park is seeing the usual amount of campers for this time of year.


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