Tennessee Campground Rezoning Riles Neighbors

June 15, 2012 by   - () Comments Off on Tennessee Campground Rezoning Riles Neighbors

The owner of the property in northeast Tennessee filed a request to change the property’s zoning laws so he can build a campground, but the proposed change is getting mixed reaction in the community.

According to Sullivan County officials, numerous letters for and against the proposed zoning change came to their office over the last two years, reported.

The property near Piney Flats is currently zoned for agricultural use, but the owner wants the county to change the zoning to agriculture recreation so that he could build a campground. According to county officials, that’s a zoning classification unique to Sullivan County.

A few neighbors say they don’t mind the idea of a campground.

“Based on the information I know I am pretty comfortable with it. Again, my feelings are it’s his property. If he feels like he can do well by developing it. Then I’m all for it,” says neighbor Ed Fennell.

However, others are petitioning to keep the campground out. They’re concerned about traffic and strangers that would be invited into an area near their family homes, churches, and animals. Some are even worried their property value would diminish.

The Sullivan County Commission will meet June 18 for the final vote on the proposed zoning change.


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