AGS Unveils Different Options for Guest Service Guides

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AGS Guest Guide Services, the recognized market leader in the guest guide industry, is now offering a whole new product for RV parks and campgrounds to service its customers.

In addition to the recent super-sizes that AGS unveiled last month, AGS is adding two more products to its array of options for RV parks and campgrounds around the country and into Canada including the booklet-tall, according to a news release.

The tall booklet is the same width as AGS’ booklet (6 3/8 inches) but as tall as their multipage format (11 inches) as opposed to the regular height of a booklet (8 ¾ inches). That means an additional 2 1/4 inches on each page or over 25 percent larger.

“Our clients deserve to have options and I was tired of having the same two offered,” said AGS President Brian Schaeffer. “That’s why we offered the super sizes and now the booklet-tall.

In addition to the booklet-tall, AGS also rolled out what they call a cover roll-out. It’s the same size as their multipage format (8 1/2 inches X 11 inches) but with the cover rolling out to provide ample space for park layouts without sacrificing space in their guest services guide.

“Typically, after the front office shows a customer to their site, that’s the last time they need the park layout in their guide,” Schaeffer said. “With this option, they can still direct them where to go, then they can put it away in favor of the information the guest will need during their stay.”

To see more of what AGS has to offer, visit or call (877) 518-1989. For more information on guest services guides or other marketing services that AGS provides its park, please contact General Manager Michael Moore at or call (817) 426-9395. For samples or other questions, you can also visit their website at



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