Alberta RV Park Inundated by Athabasca River

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The Sagitawah RV Park lies inundated by the Athabasca River near Whitecourt, Alberta. Courtesy Peter Yackulic, Town of Whitecourt, and CBC News.

People forced out of the Sagitawah RV Park near Whitecourt, Alberta, due to flooding from the Athabasca River will spend another night away from the campground, CBC News reported.

The park was placed under a mandatory evacuation order on Wednesday (July 25) due to rapidly rising waters on the river. Evacuees were moved to the town’s visitor information center.

“In recent memory, this is as high as the Athabasca has been in a number of years,” said Whitecourt town official Jay Granley.

Most of the people at the park live there while working at nearby oilfields. Marty Plant tried to keep busy while he waited for the evacuation order to lift. He said the water started to rise Wednesday morning.

“It was coming through the front of the trailer and out the back of the site,” he said.

“At quarter after two or so, we went out for something to eat and everybody was at the gate telling us to evacuate. We turned around and packed up the trailer and moved out.”

Park owner Carmyn Gibson was busy dealing with stranded campers all day. She worries how the flooding will affect her business.

“It’s hard. It’s something you put your whole heart into and you’re not sure what you’re going to find when you go back,” she said.

Down the road, the Westview Mobile Village is under an evacuation alert as water creeps closer.

The town monitored the situation by helicopter on Thursday. Officials say the water has dropped a few inches in some spots.


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