Length-of-Stay Pondered for Texas RV Parks

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RVs parked at the Causeway Marina in Seven Points, Texas. Photo from Facebook dated April 2010.

The city council in Seven Points, Texas, held a lengthy discussion on July 12 about RV parks in general and the RV park at the Causeway Marina in particular, without reaching a conclusion.

The matter was tabled to the Aug. 9 meeting.

At the center of the discussion was amending the ordinances to address how long an RV should be permitted to stay under the nonconforming uses section of special exception use permits, The Monitor in Mabank reported.

A question of whether the RV park was being used for transitory visitors or functioning as low-cost rentals for long-term residency was examined, and whether long-term residency is in the city’s best interest on commercially-zoned property on the lake and State Highway 334.

The meeting was well attended by those neighboring the park, other RV park owners and Marina Causeway’s lawyer, Jeffrey Irion.

In a special meeting June 25, the council had issued a list of things Causeway Marina owner Dusty Sherwood needed to do to get his RV park in compliance with city rules.

These included erecting a privacy fence, securing certificates of occupancy for all recreational vehicles he owns and rents out and proving that each RV is “road ready” by the end of July to qualify as an RV park.


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