Sleepy Eye Campground Getting 2 New Cabins

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Sportsman’s Park in Sleepy Eye, Minn., has two new additions east of campsite No. 16, as construction on cabins the city council approved in March has begun.

Sleepy Eye Parks and Recreation Director Daryl Bergs said the structure and roof on both cabins are almost complete and a completion date for the cabins is slated for 2012, the Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch reported.

“They are really a hard-top tent,” said Steve Lingen, a parks and rec employee who has been helping Bergs on the construction. “They (the cabins) are really here for camping.”

The cabins each will be 12 feet by 24 feet with the 12-foot side facing south looking toward Sleepy Eye Lake. The cabins will feature two rooms: one that measures approximately 8 feet by 12 feet that will be primarily used as a porch, while the second room in the cabins will feature the sleeping area. The handicap accessible cabin will have a double bed with a bunk above it with a single mattress. On the other side of the room there will be two single bunks.

The non-handicap accessible cabin will feature two double mattresses with a single bunk above each double bed. While mattresses will be provided, renters are responsible for bringing their own bedding.

The interior will be a knotty pine finish and sleep five people in the handicap accessible cabin and six people in the non-handicap accessible cabin. The outside will be 6-inch log wood finish.

Each will have an area with a table and two benches for an eating area. Cooking will be limited to crockpots and coffee pots only. Like the campsites, each cabin will have a grill area with a picnic table and firepit.

The cabins will feature six slider windows that will open and close, to allow for airflow and prevent wetness inside the cabin from rain. Each cabin will come equipped with a small wall heater, a ceiling fan and overhead lights.

There will be electricity, but no running water or bathroom. Renters will have access to the bathroom facility at the park.

Rental pricing for these cabins is yet to be determined, but will be available for rent year round once completed. Reservations are accepted at the city offices where reservations for camping are made.

The budget for these cabins is $40,000 for both, but Bergs said donations will be accepted to help defray construction costs. Donations can be dropped off at the city offices.


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