The Latest RV Parks and Campgrounds Briefs

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From the Knoxville Sentinel:

The Grainger County Sheriff’s Office says three juveniles have been arrested after more than a dozen golf carts were used in an impromptu demolition derby.

Authorities told The Knoxville News Sentinel ( the arrests came early Friday (July 20) at a campground in Rutledge after a camper caught three male youths stealing a golf cart.

The sheriff’s office said that was a second attempt. On Thursday night, someone found a key in a golf cart and used it to steal 12 other carts at the May Spring Campground, smashing some into each other and some into other objects.

Sheriff Scott Layel said at least two of the youths arrested Friday had also been involved in the first night’s vandalism.


From KTBS-TV, Bossier City, La.:

Crews are working to complete the new city park in Linden, Texas. The 28-acre property will provide a playground, fitness trail, RV park and butterfly garden, among other things, to nearby residents. Residents have had a hand in developing the park.

“Our local organizations have done a lot of work out here, like the Master Gardeners, the Native Plant Society, people like that,” said Mary Dowd with the Linden Area Parks Board.

Dowd says the project was made possible thanks to a $353,000 matching grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The city applied for the funds in 1999 but was denied. They reapplied in 2009 and started construction a year later.


From the Hermiston Herald:

Hermiston will become more expensive for tourists, but city officials believe the payoff will come with marketing funds generated for the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center (EPTEC) through a new tax.

As of Sept. 1, people staying in hotels, motel, and RV parks will pay an extra $1 per night for each hotel room and 50 cents per night for RV spaces after passage of the tax by the Hermiston City Council on Monday night.

Proponents estimate the tax will generate $55,000 in marketing revenue for EOTEC for the 2012-13 fiscal budget year.


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