The Party’s Over, Campers Leave Mess Behind

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Aerial view of the Craven Country Jamboree grounds near Craven, Saskatchewan, in June, prior to this year's festival.

Click here to see photos of the littered campground, courtesy of  CJME Radio, Regina, Saskatchewan.

Every year thousand of people flock from all over for the Craven Country Jamboree near Craven, Saskatchewan, then a small group is left cleaning up after the crowd.

The Craven Country Jamboree campgrounds still look like an abandoned town, and its been over a week since the festival ended.

The party crowds have left behind garbage almost as far as the eye can see, strewn across the grass and packed into the once muddy ground.

You can tell where some of the tidier campers were because the garbage is in a pile, but in others the bottles, cans, tarps and tents were left where they dropped.

Organizer Kim Blevins says the mess is no worse this year than in previous years.

“We have a large space to clean up and people tend not to be responsible for their garbage in certain parts of the campground so we have a large volume of garbage to clean up,” Blevins explained.

She says the cleanup has been delayed a bit because of recent rain.

“We’ve been backed up a little bit just because the garbage you know, ends up getting pushed into the mud and we’re working at pulling it out right now,” she explained. “But there are crews out there working right now and we figure we’ll be done by next week.”

There are quite a few campers and even buses still out there.

Blevins also says not all of the campers and trucks still there have been abandoned, some people have waited to get them out because of the mud. She adds that if people are planning on getting them back, they need to pick them up before they’re done cleaning next week.


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