Idaho City to Build $300,000 RV Dump Near Park

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Currently the intersection of Monroe and Ash Street in Kimberly, Idaho, hasn’t been anything to write home about.

But starting in a little under three weeks the city of Kimberly along with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation will be starting the initial construction on a state of the art, $300,000 RV disposal site, KMVT-TV, reported.

The proposed RV dump site will be located directly across the street from the southeast corner of the Kimberly City Park.

The new site will include not only the actual dump site but with irrigation and landscaping planned for the entire facility it will also serve as a tool to help revitalize this long–time industrial section of town.

“Well this is going to give RV traffic an excellent opportunity to utilize some alternate access so they don’t necessarily have to utilize the Main Street corridor, little easier maneuvering. We’re going to have RV parking down along Monroe here, and as you can see the City Park is right across the street. This is going to allow any RV users a chance to have a friendly, easy stroll down to our downtown Main Street businesses,” said the Director of Kimberly Planning and Zoning, Jenny Nickerson.

With a total budget of $300,000, 90 percent of that 300,000 will be covered by a special grant provided by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.

With the other 10 percent being footed by the city of Kimberly.

Groundbreaking on the site should commence in the next two to three weeks with an estimated time of finish set within three months.


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