Kidd Group RV Overview to be Presented in China

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Photo of a recent RV and camping show held in China.

Kidd Group, parent company of Kidd RV Consulting, a marketing branding agency specializing in RV resorts, will make a presentation discussing the present and future of RVing in the U.S. on Thursday (Aug. 9) at’s 5th International RV and Camping Exhibition in Beijing, the premier and largest RV show in China.

The groundbreaking event has been staged for the last four years and is expected to draw well over 30,000 visitors this week, according to a news release.

Kidd RV’s presentation at the RV show includes a written overview of the past and present of the RV industry in the U.S., while also anticipating what to expect for the future of RVing in the U.S., Canada and China, based on economic trends and developmental opportunities. Kidd Group’s presentation also incorporates examples of collateral and promotional materials designed for exclusive luxury RV resorts in the U.S. market.

Kidd’s presentation will consist of written documents which will be distributed to the show’s participants

“Our team is extremely excited and flattered to have the opportunity to present in Beijing about a topic we are so passionate about,” said Jerry Kidd, president of Tallahassee, Fla.-based Kidd RV Consulting. “We certainly recognize that the Chinese are accepting the RVing lifestyle with open arms and also have the means and available land to fully develop an RVing infrastructure. The key to China’s RV industry’s growth will be the continued expansion of roads, development of infrastructure and the marketing of RV resorts throughout this exciting and breathtaking land.”



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