Turtle Abuse Canceled at Odd Park Festival

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Representatives at the Aurora Campgrounds in southeast Indiana announced on Thursday (Aug. 2) that part of the event of “Snapperfest” has been canceled after the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) stated animal cruelty laws also apply to the humane treatment of turtles.

The “Snapperfest” activities during 2011 brought huge protests against the event, reported.

For anyone who has never heard of “Snapperfest,” picture an overweight flabby “macho man” shirtless, and wearing overalls while plucking a snapping turtle out of a tank, running with it, grabbing the animal around its neck, swinging it or slamming it to the ground, and ultimately pulling the animal’s head out of its shell without the “macho man” getting bitten. That’s a sport!

The Ohio County event has been happening for the last 15 years, but the cruelty of the event brought the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Best Friends Animal Society into action to stop what even the DNR regards as inhumane.

Organizers of the events say that no turtles have ever been killed and many of the animals are released back into the wild.

Nevertheless, the DNR asks that everyone pay close attention to the Aurora Campground off of State Road 56 and ensure that no turtles are being mishandled.



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