Alberta Developers Try to Revive Failed Resort

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Allan Pond Beach, Alberta

Parkland County approved first reading of a bylaw to make an amendment to facilitate the construction of a seasonal recreational community near Spruce Grove, Alberta, an Edmonton suburb.

Otherwise known as the Allan Beach Pond area, the resort historically operated between the early 1950s until 2008 as an on-route campground approval for 183 RV and tent sites along with a publicly accessible beach, the Spruce Grove Examiner reported.

If passed, the bylaw would allow for the development of a recreational resort with privately owned lots and services within a Condominium Corporation.

The resort will be exclusive to recreational vehicles and will have seasonal services throughout the spring, summer and fall.

TRG Developments Corp. is the new owner of the 33-acre property and consists of a group of 264 individual investors that have had been involved with the resort since losing money after a former developer went into receivership in 2009.

Laura Burt, TRG general manager, stated that it is a very sensitive and emotional development between the group and nearby residents.

“The mission for us is not to go in as a developer and make boat loads of money. Really it’s a bit of a rescue mission to try to get something back for the people who basically lost all of their retirement.”

TRG held two open houses last winter to engage the public on proposed plans.

The three main issues brought to the developer’s attention were:

  • A desire not to have full-time residences built on the BRR lots;
  • A desire to move away from the park model style units which were originally proposed.
  • Will there be enough potable water to service the new development without interfering with existing users?

According to the Parkland administration report it was found that:

“The developer has made an effort to address the issues raised by those that attended the open houses by limiting services to spring, summer and fall months, limiting the structures to recreational vehicles only, and submitting the appropriate geotechnical reports that assess the water supply that will come from the underlying aquifer.”

“In my opinion we have tried to do everything that we can as a group/company/developer to try and appease the people around there,” said Burt.

TRG is trying to keep the process as cost effective as possible, given that most of the group has previously lost money.

If approved, they plan to expeditiously move forward with development.

After launching an official website two months ago,, TRG has received over 100 written inquiries on how to purchase lots.

“I think it’s important to understand that it’s not just some developer coming in there with their chest flaring out saying we’re slamming this in here and we’re going to make all of this money. It’s not like that at all. We’re just trying to do what’s best for us and what’s best for the residents,” ended Burt.



One Response to “Alberta Developers Try to Revive Failed Resort”

  1. Jesse demskie on July 22nd, 2013 12:53 pm

    My name is Jesse Demskie and my family and I have just had the worst camping experience we have ever had courtesy of the self proclaimed owner and staff of Allen beach resort about 30 min west of Edmonton.  After arriving at the resort on July 19/13 approximately 8:00pm we where directed to three camp sites that were nothing more than gravel pits, out of the three sites only one had a fire pit which was a few bricks which we had to arrange into a pit.  Not one of the sites had a picnic table and we where 10 feet from a very foul smelling outhouse.  now we are normally backcountry campers who like to rough it so all of these things we looked past even with the $30 dollar a night fee.  I should also mention the reason for our visit to Allen beach was for our daughters 10 birthday. So we also had another family join us with more family to come out on the Saturday for the day.  All together for Friday night we had one pregnant couple with one 9 year old girl and a dog along with my family which had two adults one 10 year old girl, one 9 year old girl, one 7 year old boy.  One of the girls is a friend of my daughters from school.

    So like I said we where all willing to look past these things because we are used to “rough” camping.  However this next thing was where everything falls apart.  Us four adults were sitting by the fire at approximately 1:30am when we noticed a van drive by without his headlights on which is cause for concern because our kids are all old enough to go to the washroom their selves which was right on the road so they would have to walk on the road to reach it.  After seeing it go by once we were a little upset but let it go, so when the van drove by a second time I stopped the driver to ask him to turn the lights on.  Upon stopping him he jumped out of his vehicle clearly mad and very confrontational and we think intoxicated this puts us all on alert.  So we calmly asked him to please turn his lights on to which he replied he is the owner and he will do his security how he wants, so we again calmly told him that our children would not be able to see him or he them if they were to get up in the night half asleep.  His reply to this was “mind your own “f$&@ing” business which put me over the edge so I replied with a little of my own back talk never leaving my seat.  Well needless to say the end result was him telling us to be out by 11:00 the next day.

    After this we went to bed thinking that in the morning we would have a decent conversation with him in the light of day.  This was not the case, the next morning the owner drove up and reiterated that we had until 11:00 to vacate I tried politely to explain that he had no right to kick us out simply for us asking him to turn his headlights on.  Again the conversation turn heated which ended in him using foul language again but this time in front of our children.  Understanding that it could be difficult to have a descent conversation with five people trying to talk might not work.  So swallowing my pride for my daughters birthday because I knew he was in the wrong I walked down to the front office and tried to have one on one and explain the situation and apologize for getting a little aggravated with him.  This took all my effort because I feel he was completely in the wrong however we had family and everything coming for my daughters birthday and I was worried about breaking her heart if we had to cancel.  So I calmly explained to him that the couple we were with had just lost there one year old two months ago and we are a little overprotective of our children, I also told him that this would only be hurting a ten year old girl and not the adults which he thought.  After 5 minutes of almost begging which killed me I realized that I was dealing with the most arrogant, stubborn, Inconsiderate human I have ever met.  I should have left at that but again I was thinking of my daughter so I went to get her to take her and show him exactly what his stubbornness was doing, in hindsight this was the wrong decision because when I took her in the front office he told me one last time to get the f$&@ out and not let the door hit me on the way out.  This broke her heart and mine and it took all my effort to not destroy this little man.  I told him he was an awful person and he should be ashamed of hisself and left.
    During this time our friends were on the phone with the stony plain RCMP who explained to us that he had no right driving without his lights on and they would be coming to have a talk with him and us.

    Even though we knew we were right and the police said we were right we knew we still had a birthday party to think of so we started phoning campsites near by.  We found a place called mink lake not to far, so we packed up and left after trying to get the last nights fee which we were unsuccessful at.  It was an awful experience and we cannot allow this person to treat people like this without trying everything to stop this from happening to someone else.

    On a positive note the Mink lake campground was very accommodating the staff were great, the lake was clean and warm and the campground was perfect.  No problems!  And the party went off without a hitch. We WILL be returning to this campground.

    Jesse Demskie