The Latest RV Park and Campground Briefs

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From the Denver Post:

High wind and low humidity are feeding fires in remote areas of Colorado this week, including a blaze of more than 300 acres in Rocky Mountain National Park Tuesday (Oct. 9) about 8 miles west of Estes Park.

The fire in Larimer County is burning less than a half mile from the area known locally as “The Pool,” about 2 miles west of the Fern Lake Trailhead in Moraine Park, according to Larimer County emergency officials.

“Movement is toward the east and north due to gusty winds,” the county said. “This is well away from any structures, but there is some concern for the area in the vicinity of the Moraine Park Campground should we continue to see this fire move east.”

Moraine Park Campground was closed, as well as nearby trails.

Click here to watch a brief news video of the fire.


From the Press-Enterprise, Riverside:

Fleas infected with the plague bacteria were found on a squirrel in the San Jacinto Mountains, health officials announced Tuesday (Oct. 9).

The risk of a human getting infected is minimal, as long as people take proper precautions, officials said in a news release from Riverside County. Plague is a bacterial disease that can be transmitted from wild rodents to humans through bites from infected fleas.

The squirrel was collected Sept. 6 at the Fern Basin Campground, north of Idyllwild, as part of routine testing, officials said. The campground remains open, but warning signs have been posted.

“We normally only close the campground if there is a high level of antibodies in the system (of the squirrel) and a high level of fleas,” Dottie Merki, Riverside County’s Environmental Health program chief, said by phone.

In this case, Merki said, the flea count on the one squirrel was low, as was the antibody count. The county is using the detection as an opportunity to “educate the public and remind them that plague is endemic in the area,” she said.


From The Associated Press:

The Bessey Ranger District in the Nebraska National Forest in central Nebraska is back in business after a wildfire burned more than 1,000 acres in July.

The U.S. Forest Service says all campgrounds, roads and trails are now open.

The fire started with a lightning strike, about 22 miles southeast of Halsey. Ranger Tim Buskirk cautions visitors to follow the rules and stay on the roads and trails. He says there has been little rain and the area remains fragile. Fire restrictions are still in place, and include no campfires and smoking only in vehicles.

The fire was one of a series of forest and grassland fires in Nebraska during the summer marked by dry lightning, fierce winds and extreme heat and drought.



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