The Latest RV Park and Campground Briefs

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From WORK-TV, Charleston:

More than a month after being closed by Superstorm Sandy, Holly River State Park will open a temporary office on Monday, Dec. 3.

The park has been closed since Superstorm Sandy swept through the region.

Utility service into the main park has still not been restored. One building in a separate area of the park has restored service and will be turned into a temporary service, according to a news release.

Park staff has moved the office computer, reservation books, a phone, and other office needs into this temporary space.

This will allow staff to take reservations and answer questions from people.

“We have been overwhelmed with emails and calls of concern for Holly River and the employees there,” Brad Reed, district administrator for West Virginia State Parks, said in a release. “We are very pleased to get our general services up and running again and to be able to provide service and communication to our park guests.”

The temporary phone number until the main park office has full power restoration is (304) 493-6559.


From the New York Times:

A law prohibiting registered sex offenders from entering county parks in Orange County, Calif., has been struck down.

The county government’s ban spawned similar laws in many of the cities within the county, rendering almost half of all public parks within Orange County off limits to sex offenders.

In a unanimous decision this month, the three-judge panel of the Orange County Superior Court said that the ordinance was pre-empted by state law, and that the “adverse effect” of the ordinance on the “transient citizens of the state” outweighed possible benefits of the bans.

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From The Associated Press:

Next year’s Wisconsin state park admission stickers are set to go on sale this weekend.

The stickers grant year-round admission to more than 60 state parks, forests and recreation areas. They’ll go on sale Saturday (Dec. 1) at state park facilities and Department of Natural Resources service centers around the state. They cost $25 for Wisconsin residents, $10 for Wisconsin senior citizens and $35 for out-of-state residents.

The stickers feature a drawing of marshmallows roasting over a campfire. Waukesha South High School sophomore Holly Jo Cegielski submitted the design in a statewide contest.

Annual state trail passes for 2013 will go on sale on Saturday as well. They run $20 for both state residents and non-residents.



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