Surles Group Designs China’s Largest RV Park

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A drawing of the Tangshan Bay International RV Resort Master Plan (top) and a close-up view of the RV park (bottom). Amenities include a registration building, cottages, motorcross track, camping sites, commercial/retail corridor, dry storage and RV sales, spa area and tower, event center and pool, beachfront commercial area, beach spas and jet ski/quad rentals and a pier and heli-pad.

Editor’s Note: The following story appears in the current issue of the Bud Surles’ Consulting Group Newsletter.

Bud Surles Consulting Group was honored to be selected to design China’s largest and finest RV resort. It was a process that began last August and we have just recently completed. The Tangshan Bay International RV Resort Master Plan was full of exiting new concepts and bold approaches in a budding industry. It was an exciting time for our team, and hopefully the beginning of a wonderful long-term relationship with the Outdoor Hospitality Industry in China.

Development of the RV industry in China is not without its hurdles. But the principle lesson we learned is that there is a desire to make the outdoor opportunity experiences as real to the Chinese people as they are to Americans.

Some of the hurdles are infrastructure issues. The roads, toll ways, and bridges are not currently equipped to handle high volumes of large RV’s. Haul vehicles (even half-ton pickups) require commercial permits to travel on the roads.

Holidays tend to be national in nature, thus not giving an even flow to visitation patterns.

And a small percentage of people have access to long distant travel. However, with that being said, the flexibility of the developers and the deep rooted desire for growth and economic development by the government allowed us to address those issues in creative ways.

Tangshan Bay International RV Resort is located on an island in the Pacific Ocean. It is part of a three-island development scheme envisioned by the government planners, which includes tourism, cultural preservation and economic development. The resort will be the centerpiece of the largest island and will become a staging area for enjoyment of the entire project. While this will be a wonderful asset for the Chinese citizens to enjoy, the developers envision an international project that would be part of the itinerary of large numbers of international recreational visitors to the nation.

Space does not allow a full description of the project, or the excitement of its future, but we would be happy to discuss it with any of our readers who are interested in knowing more. I would just close by saying that the parting words of Mr. Lu, the principal developer were, “Congratulations, you have just designed the largest and finest resort in China.” We consider that a profound honor to be in the infant stages of a potentially explosive industry.


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