CalARVC Sets Winter Getaway Meeting Agenda

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The California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) has announced the agenda for its regional meeting Feb. 26 at the Wine Country RV Resort in Paso Robles, Calif.

In the morning session, Debbie Sipe, CalARVC executive director, will lead a session on “Making the Most of Your Marketing.”

Networking Lunch: Attendees will get to know their peers from around the state, swap names, numbers, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages and accounts. Find ways to reconnect the following week, months and years.

Park Tour: This will probably go down as the most unique park tour on record: different wine tasting stations will be set up throughout the campground. 

Afternoon Session: “Ask the Expert” Roundtable Sessions will feature six tables with industry experts at each table. Every 15 minutes, the experts get up and switch tables. This interactive-session concludes with a one-hour, free-flowing discussion in which attendees can visit and talk to any expert they choose. Featured experts are Evanne Schmarder, Jonelle Tannanhil, John Pentocost, Ron Medenwald and Debbie Sipe.

The day concludes with a Wine Tasting & “Tabletalk” Dinner, hosted by Hart, King & Coldren.

The cost for the day-long experience is $35.



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