Carr Named an EcoSave National Distributor

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Carr Industries, cabinetry and countertops specialists, of Veneta, Ore., has been named by EcoSave as the national distributor of the EcoSave line of bacteria-enzyme based products for treating and deodorizing RV and marine holding tanks.

As a grand opening special, Carr Industries offers a 15% discount and free shipping on orders placed at before Feb. 28, according to a news release.

For over 20 years EcoSave has been a leading “green” solution for RV holding tanks, endorsed by Country Coach motorcoach manufacturer founder Bob Lee and recommended by the Escapees RV Club, the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) and others.

Eco-Save is an effective, non-chemical ecologically safe, bacteria-enzyme based product for treating and deodorizing RV and marine holding tanks. With a shelf-life of over 100 years, it may be used for other septic, sewer, vault, portable toilets and cleaning needs.

Providing live aerobic bacteria cultures to digest holding tank odors at the source, the live, odor-killing bacteria go to work instantly, digesting, breaking down, and emulsifying liquid and solid waste and paper, as well as eliminating sludge. The live bacteria continue to multiply and grow. There are two liquid versions (Original Formula and Fragrance Enhanced) and a dry version.

To learn more about EcoSave products, visit, email, or call (541) 968-1888.



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