Nooly App Provides Timely Weather Forecasts

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Ever worry about how imminent weather could affect your RV park or campground? Bad weather predictions are the worst — but a new app is trying to change that.

Nooly has launched what it calls “the most dependable weather app in the world” on both iPhone & Android (free). Unlike others, which recite generalized weather forecasts from NOAA, Nooly is the first app to create its own unique hyperlocal, hyper-accurate, short-range predictions. Imagine knowing the exact time and place the weather will impact your life, according to a news release.

Focused on solving local weather prediction inaccuracies, Nooly brought in the world’s top meteorologists in cloud physics and short-range weather prediction – folks that have helped NASA, NOAA and the FAA understand the evolution of clouds and storms – to build a completely new and unique set of algorithms to accurately predict the minute rain or snow will start and end.

Using its system, Nooly offers the following features, many of them industry firsts:

  • Predicts the exact minute a storm will start, get worse and end.
  • Makes predictions that are within 0.4 square miles of your location — plus, you can see the weather for exact locations, meaning every road, park and point of interest.
  • Updates predictions every 5 minutes for over 30 million U.S. locations.
  • Is the only weather app that makes predictions from its own unique algorithms that crunch data from combining NASA/NOAA satellites and NOAA radars. This level of accuracy was only available previously to federal agencies.
  • Features over 50,000 beta users across iPhone and Android.

The app delivers 240 million predictions every 5 minutes (2.8 billion predictions every hour, 69 billion predictions every single day).

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