The Latest RV Park and Campground Briefs

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From the Jamestown Sun:

North Dakota’s oldest state park could be getting a makeover.

Mark Zimmerman, director of the state Parks and Recreation Department, said the Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park south of Mandan has bought 300 acres of land adjacent to the Cavalry Square area.

Park officials hope to add a new campground there to accommodate bigger motorhomes and campers.

The Bismarck Tribune reported that a public meeting is scheduled for Jan. 9 in Mandan to outline the plans.

There’s no request in the state budget for the upcoming biennium for upgrades. Zimmerman said funding will be requested in the 2015 budget cycle and the work could be done in phases.

Other upgrades under consideration are new sleeping cabins and an in-park transportation system.


From a National Rifle Association news release:

The State Parks Division of the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department formally adopted rule changes to Section of the New Mexico Administrative Code, which include a removal of the ban on concealed handgun licensees from New Mexico and reciprocal states carrying loaded handguns in state parks.

This new rule also allows for the possession of firearms in private motor vehicles or other conveyances that are parked in, or traveling through, state parks.


From the Cheboygan News:

It appears that a permit which was denied in 2010 for an RV park at Duncan Bay, may be back in play and public comment on the issue expires Wednesday.

Land developer Todd Wyett has been working with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality on a proposed settlement regarding its application.

“We have been working on this for two years to impact the wetlands as little as possible,” said Wyett. “We have it now to where less than one acre will be affected.”

When the project started out, 3 3/4 acres of wetland was going to be involved, but according to the proposed settlement, that amount is down to a total of one acre.

“We have been in negotiations with Mr. Wyett and numerous plans have been submitted based on impacts,” said DEQ District Representative Scott Rasmusson. “Even if this is improved, he is not done yet. He needs to go to the Army Corps of Engineers.”

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