Trojan Battery Co. Launches Two New Batteries

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Trojan Battery Co.’s new products.

Trojan Battery Co. has launched two new batteries that feature the longest life and longest range in the industry.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, Trojan has engineered the Traveler 8V to provide more than 40% longer life, and the Ranger 160 to deliver 35% more travel distance between recharges than today’s current 8-volt golf batteries, according to a news release.

“The Traveler 8V and Ranger 160 deep-cycle batteries provide long-awaited benefits of longer life for electric fleet golf cars and longer range for electric and hybrid utility and low-speed passenger vehicles,” said Dave Godber, executive vice president of sales and marketing. “Trojan’s new battery designs incorporate technology features that have been requested by customers as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in recent years. The Traveler 8V and Ranger 160 deliver a new class of deep-cycle battery technology — there are simply no comparable batteries on the market today.”

The Traveler 8V design is based on the accumulation of more than four years of research and development efforts which have resulted in advanced internal components and external case improvements. The battery’s internal elements include Trojan’s new Internal Battery Protection System which features thicker grids, membrane-wrapped plates, and Trojan’s exclusive T2 Technology™ with Maxguard T2 multi-rib separators.

To further extend overall battery life, Traveler 8V also incorporates a moss guard which insulates and protects the top of the battery plates, and features stronger case walls to increase durability. Enhancing battery maintenance, Traveler 8V is compatible with Trojan’s HydroLink™ single-point watering system that can quickly and easily fill a set of batteries in 30 seconds.

Trojan’s Ranger 160 deep-cycle battery is optimized for excursions that require significantly more range than a typical 8-volt deep-cycle battery can manage. The Ranger 160 is rated at 160 minutes when discharged at 56 amps, and is the first U.S.-made long range product manufactured to meet the increasing demands of utility and low-speed passenger vehicles, as well as hunting buggies.

Ranger 160 delivers 35% more run time between recharging compared to traditional 8-volt batteries in its class on the market today. The internal design of Ranger 160 includes more active material delivering higher performance for long-range driving requirements, plus Trojan’s exclusive Maxguard T2 multi-rib separators and T2 technology.

“With increased travel distances between recharges, the Ranger 160 enables customers to embark on longer excursions using electric power than what was previously possible,” Godber said. “Trojan Battery’s legacy of excellence in engineering and manufacturing innovation remains the cornerstone of our company’s success in the deep-cycle battery industry.”

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