3 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2013

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Evanne Schmarder

Evanne Schmarder is the principal at Roadabode Productions, a firm specializing in digital marketing strategy, consulting and education for the outdoor recreation industry and is the co-author of “Unconventional Wisdom Works.” She’s also the host and producer of the RV Cooking Show. Evanne gets great satisfaction out of helping business owners maximize their marketing potential and can be reached at or (702) 460-9863. The following column appears in the February issue of Woodall’s Campground Management.

While any of the 12 months are a great time to evaluate past business performance and look to the future, the turn of the new year is traditionally the time we set aside for reflection, review and revision. Savvy business owners welcome this opportunity to sift through last year’s marketing program, phasing out lesser performers and looking forward to where the market is headed and how they can position themselves for maximum modern marketing success.

In my opinion, this is the year to up the creativity of your digital marketing program. Here are three digital marketing trends I’m paying attention to in 2013:

Think In Images In All You Share

With the meteoric rise of Pinterest and the gaggle of “me, too” sites, it’s more important than ever to think in images. Every blog post you create, every web page on your site, every e-mail you send in 2013 should contain at least one image that begs to be shared. Make it beautiful, let it tell a story; portray your message from a different camera angle or point of view.

And don’t forsake video. Not only does video continue to deliver as a stand-alone digital marketing tool, it’s sharable from your online properties to these immensely popular visual social networks.

It’s All About the Content

Part 1: Relevance

Posting content for the sake of posting something, anything, is a poor plan that will have you spending precious time and money and wondering why you are not seeing the desired results. Posting relevant content sporadically is also likely to derail your digital marketing efforts, delivering disappointing results and discouraging you from continuing a social media program. Market smart, create a detailed content plan, stick to it and contribute to your community regularly.

Part 2: Cross-platform content

To understand your customer and prospects’ communication needs, begin developing (or revamping) content that can be repurposed across a wide range of digital platforms.

For example, you produce a blog post touting upgraded facilities at your park. Your blog is delivered to your blog subscribers. You might then repurpose that content by using a little ditty from the blog on your Facebook page, crafting a 140-character or less tweet, adding an excerpt to your e-newsletter, pinning the image used on your topic-appropriate Pinterest board, reading the blog aloud for a podcast, or adding narrative from your blog to a slide show that you’ll post on YouTube – and in turn use on your website and Pinterest. Of course, each piece of content contains a call to action and points to a conversion opportunity. It’s a winning tactic that you should develop in 2013.

Double Down on What You Know

With the constant evolution of digital marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in “the next big thing,” not wanting to miss out on a possible opportunity. In 2013 I urge you to double down on what you know, become a presence on the platforms you are seeing the most interaction and the best results. Let go of those that are not serving you.

Master your current online avenues before expanding. Don’t let the old adage “jack of all trades, master of none” apply to your digital marketing efforts.

2013 promises to be a year of online growth and expansion – bigger, better and requiring much more strategy and presence than ever. Be creative, pay attention to your audience and be remarkable in your efforts.




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