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Editor’s Note: The following news release was issued by Jeff Loper, founder of Mount Juliet, Tenn.-based Campgrounds Connect. For more information, visit or call Loper at (615) 310-6440.

It has been nearly one year since we opened the doors here at Campgrounds Connect and a lot has changed in that short amount of time. As the campground/RV park industry and technology change, we must as well in order to stay current for our clients. Not only that, but we are constantly learning what campground and RV park owners find useful on our site. Traffic has continued to grow and it’s evident that the most appealing part of the site has been the informative blog posts that we share regularly and our services. Taking these things into account, it was time for change. The highlights include:

New Website

Campgrounds Connect has been totally revamped in 2013. The old site was great, but had its limitations. The new site features:

  • New Design: Completely new layout focusing on what we do best; our blog posts and services.
  • Mobile Ready: We are constantly talking about the need for campgrounds and RV parks to be mobile ready. While our old site had the ability, it wasn’t the best. We want to practice what we preach. Check it out. It rocks!
  • Portfolio: Now you can browse the great work we’ve completed for our clients.
  • Testimonials: Just in case you’re wondering if we actually do the great work mentioned in the point above, here’s proof.
  • Email Signup: While this was available on the old site, it’s been completely revamped. Website users can subscribe right from the homepage.
  • Forum: Again, this was available on the old site, but it was buried. This has potential to be one of the most useful parts of the site, so we brought it front and center.  Start a conversation today

    Jeff Loper

Video Production & Photography

This past year a need was discovered: high quality video production and photography to help make campground and RV parks look their best. Online video viewing is huge (YouTube receives more than 2 billion views per day) and having a video tour should be an important part of a campground or RV parks marketing strategy. It provides people with an attractive, inside look of a campground or RV park in a way that pictures alone cannot accomplish. With spring on the way, now is the time to think about having a video tour produced. Flowers will be blooming, trees and grass will be green, and campgrounds will be looking their best and ready to welcome their winter-weary guests. Prices start at just $500 for a fully produced video tour up-to three-minutes in length. More details and a sample video can be seen on our website.

We hope campgrounds and RV parks enjoy the new design, features, and services at Campgrounds Connect. Our goal, as always, is to serve the industry in new and better ways.

About Campgrounds Connect

Campgrounds Connect was founded in February 2012 by Jeff Loper, a marketing professional with more than 17 years of experience. Offering a wide variety of affordable solutions, Campgrounds Connect helps campground or RV parks shine and be a superstar among the campers they serve. Offerings include:

  • Marketing Services: Reach campers and RVers in new, cutting edge ways.
  • Website Design & Development: Soar into the future with an attractive, mobile-ready website.
  • Social media Setup & Strategy: Get plugged-in with campers on the hottest social networks.
  • Logo Development & Graphic Design: Be creatively fresh, eye-poppingly good, and informationally refined.
  • Video Production & Photography: Visually tell your business’ story in a professional way.
  • Speaking & Presentations: Grow in knowledge of marketing and social media at state association or national meeting events.




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