Fire Forces Fort Myers Beach, Fla., Park Evac

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Photo taken at the scene of a fire in a Florida RV park this morning.

Click here to watch video, courtesy of WINK-TV, Fort Myers, Fla., about the following story.

Firefighters evacuated Red Coconut RV Park after a massive fire started around 8:15 a.m.

One man was treated for smoke inhalation and has been released.

Preliminary reports show a garbage truck caught fire, which spread to at least one RV.

The fire marshal tells us there was an explosion that was likely a fuel line that ruptured. The tanks appear to be intact. The power is out and FPL is working on the scene.

The garbage truck was almost at full trash capacity and firefighters had to work to extinguish flames deep within the truck. Fire officials say they anticipate being on the scene all day and are asking people to avoid the area. A safety perimeter has been set up, since the garbage truck was fueled by liquid natural gas.

The chairman for the Lee Arson Task Force said the RV was worth $78,000 and had $10,000 worth of contents inside. The garbage truck was worth $380,000. Both the RV and the garbage truck are considered total losses.


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