Grant Program to Aid 10 California State Parks

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California state parks have finalized 10 matching fund partnership agreements to keep 10 state parks open and operating for the next two years.

The agreements are made possible by the AB 1478 Match Program, which appropriated $10 million back to the department to be used for matching funds in donor and operating agreements, reported.

“State parks’ partners and supporters are our strongest allies, and we thank their commitment to helping us to continue to serve the people of California and parks visitors by providing them with the best experience possible,” said Major General Anthony L. Jackson, director of California state parks. “We are encouraged by the positive outcome of these negotiations, and with the collaborative efforts of all parties involved to support parks across the state.”

The 10 agreements for the state parks (SP) or state historic parks (SHP) are as follows, the unit donation and matching grant:

  • Coe Park Preservation Fund, Henry Coe SP, $279,000.
  • Friends of China Camp, China Camp SP, $1,044,361.
  • Committee to Reopen Providence Mt. SP, $10,000.
  • Friends of Antelope Valley Indian Museum, Antelope Valley Indian, $84,575
  • Save Saddleback Fund, Saddleback Butte SP, $20,000.
  • Shasta Historical Society, Shasta SHP, $82,500.
  • Golden Gate National Park Conservancy, Samuel P. Taylor SP, $475,000.
  • Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks, Santa Cruz Mission SHP, $45,939.
  • Malakoff Diggins Interpretive Assoc., Malakoff Diggins SHP, $22,000.
  • Town of Shasta Interpretive Assoc., Shasta SHP, $12,000.

Total 11 Units $2,075,375

Through AB 1478, the parks that were on the original list for closure receive priority for matching funds. Director Jackson noted the plan to close the 70 parks is in the past, saying: “If a future budget situation should require a reduction plan, I assure all that we will develop a new plan in an open and transparent fashion. The 70 park closure plan is not our plan for moving forward.”

In addition to the above, 10 more agreements are pending and could be finalized soon.





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