Reza Paydar New Majority Owner of Best Parks

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Best Parks in America is not only under new leadership but its new capital investor, Reza Paydar, plans to make the network of 70 parks across the U.S. into a worldwide known product.

David Gorin, Best Parks founder and president, announced Paydar’s investment during a news conference today (Feb. 4).

Gorin, based in Virginia, will remain the Best Parks spokesman and president, but Paydar, a Californian, takes on the new role of chairman and majority owner.  Paydar has extensive experience in building successful RV resorts, hotel and commercial property developments as well as other types of companies, Gorin noted.  Deb Kohls will continue as vice president of Best Parks

Reza Paydar

The changeover occurred about three weeks ago.

“For the last year or so we have been working hard to identify new sources of capital for Best Parks in America to develop the program and brand and to secure high-level executive leadership to move the network forward. I am excited to say we accomplished both elements,” Gorin said.

David Gorin

Paydar’s investment in Best Parks ties in with several of the major points raised during Best Parks’ first membership conference held last November in Orlando, Fla., Gorin noted.

The landmark conference drew Best Parks affiliates as well as representatives from international campground associations.

At that time, Best Parks in America affiliates agreed progress was needed in five areas:

  • Building a state of the art website that will exceed consumer expectations and will serve as the welcoming face of Best Parks In America.
  • Introducing on line reservation capability that will allow consumers to make 24/7/365 reservations directly from the Best Parks website.
  • The creation of a consumer loyalty, recognition and reward program beginning with the Best Guests in America Advantages program being launched in the next two months, and moving rapidly towards a total system on par with those in other industries.
  • Renewed focus on promotion and advertising to expand the visibility and awareness of Best Parks among consumers.
  • Development and implementation of a brand compliance program including an inspection program to assure that all of the Best Parks are complying with brand standards and meeting the highest standards of facilities, amenities, staffing and guest services expected of Best Parks affiliates and expected by our guests.

Progress is being made on accomplishing all five points, Gorin said.

For example, starting this year Paydar said all Best Parks affiliates will undergo an inspection to guarantee that they meet the standards expected of all members.

Gorin said Best Parks, heretofore a brand with a decided “Eastern” composition, has identified many “target markets” west of the Mississippi River to expand its footprint in the coming years. The idea, Paydar said, is that the Best Parks brand will become so compelling that its ranks will grow well beyond the present membership of 70.

Improving the technology aspects of Best Parks affiliates is at the heart of the new alliance.

Paydar is a 30-year veteran of the RV park industry and owner of the upscale Sunland RV Resorts chain based in Southern California, including Best Parks affiliate Emerald Desert RV Resort in Palm Desert, Calif., and Silver Palms RV Village in Okeechobee, Fla. He said he plans to promote the software available through his RMS North America holding as a software platform not only for Best Parks members’ reservations systems in the U.S. but also, at present, to promote the brand internationally, primarily in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Paydar’s investment in Best Parks ties in directly with his RMS North America venture.

Paydar said he recognized more than four years ago that the outdoor hospitality industry needed the computer software and technology that connected the indoor hospitality industry. Providing that connectivity was essential to serve national as well as international travelers, he said.

Now, with the strategic alliance between RMS North America and Best Parks in America, the two will create a synergy that will serve them both in a competitive marketplace, Paydar said.

Best Parks affiliates that choose to adopt RMS software will benefit from this alliance, not only through improved software, but also through connectivity to domestic travelers and international travelers who will become familiar with the high standards set by Best Parks, Paydar said.

Best Parks in America already has a strategic partnership with the Leading Campings of Europe, an organization similar to Best Parks in America, and the two are laying the groundwork for an organizaiton that would have worldwide representation, from areas such as Australia, New England and South Africa.

Landmark Conference

In kicking off the first-ever national Best Parks conference in Orlando, Gorin sounded two themes. The objective of Best Parks in America, which was founded in 2003, is to become a household word among first RVers and then among the general outdoor recreation and travel enthusiasts. The second objective during 2013 and beyond is to build bridges between BPA and every part of the park industry, the consumer, RV manufacturers, dealers, the media and travel writers.

Paydar echoed those themes again during today’s press conference.

He noted that while the indoor hospitality industry has direct connectivity with airlines and rental car agencies, the outdoor hospitality industry has no similar ties with RV manufacturers or even dealers.

“Everybody is on their own to operate separately,” he said. “My goal is to bring both industries together and bring the services together that would be beneficial to RVers.”

In remarks to the Best Parks in America board of directors at a special meeting on Jan. 31, Paydar pledged 100% of his efforts toward building the Best Parks brand. “The challenge ahead is great, make no mistake about it,” Paydar said. “I am committed to our success and I am very confident that by working cohesively and diligently together as a national team of premium RV parks and property owners, we can change the landscape of the park industry and build a brand that exceeds customer expectations and improves the business and profitability for all the affiliated parks.”

For more information about Best Parks in America landmark conference in Orlando, click here to read a story from Woodall’s Campground Management.




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