Phoenix RV ‘Village’ Attracts Unique Clientele

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It’s Wednesday afternoon, and Pat Valsvik is playing party host. She is sipping on her Seagram’s 7 Crown and Diet Pepsi and joking about husband Lee’s shirt, which reads “If at first you don’t succeed, look in the trash for the instructions.”

When Pat, 73, and Lee, 77, used to picture retirement, they knew exactly what they didn’t want.

“We always used to drive around on the highway with our Cadillac going 80 miles an hour and these people with those RVs are tooling around at 50, and I said, ‘I’m never doing that,’” she said, laughing.

So when it came their turn, they spent a few years traveling and staying in apartments. But “in apartments, people go in, shut the door and they’re done for the night,” Pat said. So they bought an RV and a yellow Labrador puppy, Harry, and set out to find a park that would allow both.

That was eight or nine years ago. Pat, Lee, Harry and now Max, their black Scottish terrier, have found their niche at Desert’s Edge RV Village, an RV park unlike most.

Located on West Williams Drive just east of Interstate 17 in Phoenix, the village is home to a population of transient travelers, unlike the typical trailer park’s older, more-permanent demographic.

The majority of RV parks in Arizona are age restricted, allowing only visitors who are 55 or older. The majority also allow “park trailers,” also called park models, the relatively permanent housing generally associated with trailer parks.

Desert’s Edge is all-ages and does not allow park trailers, a pairing of rules that lends itself to a diverse mix of visitors.

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