ROUTE 66 RV Network Expanding in Canada

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In less than 30 days, the ROUTE 66 RV Network in Canada has grown to 15 locations that represent over $100 million in RV sales, parts and service. And the group continues to strengthen.

“Like the growth we realized in the U.S. over the last 10 years, quality dealers attract quality dealers  and that’s exactly what we’re seeing in Canada,” says Rob Merrill, ROUTE 66 partner. “Not only are these Canadian dealers very solid business operators with impressive dealerships, they have been serving their community’s RVing needs — on the average — for over 32 years. That’s certainly reassuring to customers knowing that they’ll be there when they need them.”

In the last couple of weeks ROUTE 66 has added five new locations in Canada:

  • Smith’s RV Centre – Jason Johnstone – Thunder Bay, Ontario.
  • Outdoor Travel – Ken & Andy Whiting – Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Roulettes A.S. Levesque – Andre Levesque – Ste-Helenes/Trios-Rivieres, QC Roulettes Gilbert – Andre Levesque – Chateauguay, Quebec.

Andre Levesque, president of A.S. Levesque in Ste-Helenes, sees the growing strength of the group being a major benefit to his dealerships’ customers as they travel. “RVs typically don’t experience mechanical issues close to home’ it’s usually while out traveling and using the RV. With this solid group of service-minded dealers I can rest assured that my customers will be well taken care of in both Canada and the U.S.”

Smith’s RV Centre’s general manager, Jason Johnstone, in Thunder Bay, recognizes the group’s buying opportunities as the Network’s footprint grows in Canada. “Anytime you associate yourself with an organization that is larger than yourself you’ll realize greater economies of scale in your purchasing. These advantages not only result in financial benefits for the dealership but also translate into great values for our customers.”

In Hamilton, Outdoor Travel president Ken Whiting believes their engagement with ROUTE 66 in Canada will create a unique competitive advantage for his dealership. “As a ROUTE 66 dealer we now have over 150 satellite locations in North America ready to help my customers as they travel. No other RV dealer group provides a universal brand, like the ROUTE 66 shield, that offers RVer’s peace of mind knowing that they’ve got a friend close by willing to help,” he said.

Additional dealers will be added to the ROUTE 66 RV Network in Canada with the recommendation from these and other future member dealers. Each dealership’s territory will be clearly defined to ensure every dealership enjoys market exclusivity in offering The Network’s unique dealer and consumer program benefits in the U.S. and Canada.

The ROUTE 66 RV Network is the largest network of RV dealers in North America with nearly 150 locations in 44 states and provinces and promises traveling RVers that ‘Wherever the Road Takes You, You Can Count on Us’.”




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