Rural Ohio County Welcomes 2nd New RV Park

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Main Street in Morristown, Ohio, a community of 300 that is welcoming another RV park to house oil and gas workers. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

With an increase in shale gas production activity in southeast Ohio’s Belmont County comes an increase in the number of workers being attracted to the county from out of the area and that leads to an increase in the number of places being developed to provide housing for those new residents.

Work has been under way for several weeks to develop a 5.1-acre site on National Road about two miles east of Morristown to transform it into an RV park that will be capable of providing spaces for 70 recreational vehicles or campers, The Inteligencer, Wheeling, W. Va., reported.

Savage Construction Co. is doing the site preparation on the property owned by Dean and Susan Miller. “We bought this property three years ago to have a place for our children to build homes if they wanted to,” Susan Miller said.

But their children found homes in other parts of the county. “This opportunity came along so we decided to go with it.” She said they were told the oil and gas workers and the pipeliners were heading west from West Virginia and Pennsylvania to Belmont County where the shale gas business is on the upswing.

“This will be a good place for them to settle,” Miller said, “because we have water and sewage, all the necessary permits to establish an RV park and we’re close to a fine restaurant.” Chapz Restaurant is located almost across National Road from the proposed temporary housing site.

Miller said an early March opening for the park is anticipated.

The RV park is the second one to be established in the area near Morristown. Forty-five recreational vehicles and campers are already occupying a portion of a park site opposite the Doan Ford agency on Ohio 149 and expansion is currently under way. It is located approximately 2 miles west of the park being developed by the Millers.

“We’re in the process of completing work on 39 more places next to the 45 that are already in place,” said James Grear, spokesman for a group of businessmen who undertook the establishment of the park last year when there came an increased demand for housing with the oil and gas boom in the county.

“These new spots should be up and coming and ready for occupancy in a couple of weeks,” Grear noted. The new spaces would increase the total number to 84 and there would be ample room for additional expansion. On the 20-acre site made available by the Doan family for the park, there is space for 275 RVs and campers. Grear indicated if there is a demand, additional sites will be developed.


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