The Latest RV Parks and Campgrounds Briefs

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Year-over-year Class B motorhome sales surged 22.4% in December and 31.4% for the full year, according to the latest report from Statistical Surveys Inc. (SSI).

For the 12 months, Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. retained its lead in Class B sales, owning a 36.3% market share, while fellow Canadian builder Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd. was second with a 19.6% share.

Thor Industries Inc. was the top U.S. manufacturer for 2012, holding the No. 3 slot with an 18.2% market share, followed by Winnebago Industries Inc. at 16.5%.


From, Sterling, Ill.:

Sterling businessman Matt Prescott, owner of Candlelight Inn restaurants in Sterling, Rock Falls, Peoria and Clinton, soon also may be the marina and RV park operator in Clinton, Iowa.

After Prescott presented a proposal to Clinton City Council members Tuesday (Feb. 12), they agreed to have the city attorney negotiate his proposal to run the city-owned marina and RV park, Prescott said.

The proposal calls for the city to pay $120,000 a year for insurance, part-time wages and a marina manager. The contract term would be five years and the city would be able to terminate the contract if it isn’t satisfied with the service.

Prescott’s restaurant is on the second floor of the building that houses the marina. Having one person operate the entire building would improve service to marina customers, he said, adding that someone from his team is on site until 10 p.m. every day.

“If you have a problem anywhere on that facility, anyone can fix it for you,” he said. “It’s a big benefit to the consumer.”

If negotiations are successful, the council will vote on whether to accept his proposal.


From a news release:

The Vermont Campground Association (VCA) 2013 Campground Guide is now available.

The directory has information on its 69 private campgrounds and 41 state parks. Campground locations are shown on the centerfold map keyed to their listing and the amenities chart to help campers find just the campground to suit their camping lifestyle.

RV and camping enthusiasts can view and download the Campground Guide online at They can also order a print copy and get additional tourist information for their Vermont vacation by clicking the link on the website or the following link:

The campground guide will also be available at many of the RV, camping and travel shows throughout eastern United States and Canada. Many RV dealers also carry a supply of the guidebooks in their showrooms.


From the Sacramento Bee:

The Sacramento Bee will be recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists when the northern California chapter honors champions of open government and the First Amendment on March 12.

The Bee will be honored for uncovering $54 million in secret assets in the California state parks system. According to the SPJ:

“Longtime sources and public record requests were key to discovering the hidden assets. The stories by the Bee’s Matt Weiser, Kevin Yamamura and Jon Ortiz resulted in resignations, firings and criminal investigations, with the Attorney General’s Office concluding that state park leaders had hidden the assets deliberately.

In the wake of the revelations, Gov. Jerry Brown has authorized $20 million of the newfound money to go to park repairs. The Bee has continued to follow the scandal and has examined similar budget issues at other departments.”


From the Detroit News:

The Michigan Senate passed legislation Wednesday (Feb. 13) to change the way Michigan collects sales tax on new vehicles and boats by exempting the allowance for trade-ins.

Sen. Dave Robertson, R-Grand Blanc, the chief sponsor, sees his two-bill package as a way to bolster vehicle and watercraft sales in Michigan and compete with bordering states that already do this.

While the legislation was approved by a wide majority, Sen. Roger Kahn, R-Saginaw, argued against a new tax break when the state budget is delicately balanced. He said it’s “disgusting” to reduce state revenue without also indicating “where corresponding cuts in the budget will be to allow (the state) to give out the goodies.”

The state collects its 6% sales tax on the purchase price of a new or used auto, recreational vehicle or boat. Under the legislation, now headed to the state House, the tax would be based on the difference between the purchase price of the vehicle and the value of a trade-in.

For example, a buyer pays $1,800 in sales tax on a vehicle that costs $30,000. If Robertson’s bill became law, a buyer with a trade-in worth $5,000 would pay $1,500 tax on the same purchase.

Robertson’s proposals are similar to measures that didn’t make it through the Legislature last year.

Gov. Rick Snyder has expressed concern about the measure, which would cut state tax revenue by $45 million the first year it was in effect and by $277 million in the 2022-23 state budget year. That’s because the trade-in exemption would be eased in gradually until the full value of trade-ins are allowed at the end of the 10 years.

Michigan would become the 45th state to figure its tax on auto sales the way Robertson’s bills propose.


From The Associated Press:

A pair of studies commissioned by a foundation that wants to create a national park in northern Maine suggest that communities near federal parks have better economic performance than other rural communities and that creation of a second national park in Maine could create 450 to 1,000 jobs.

Elliotsville Plantation Inc., which was created by Burt’s Bees founder Roxanne Quimby, commissioned the studies to explore the potential economic impact in Penobscot and Piscataquis counties, and to look at the impact on communities with existing parks and recreation areas.

Montana-based Headwaters Economics, which has done work for the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, said a national park can provide a big economic boost.

“Northern Maine clearly needs a new economic idea,” Ben Alexander, associate director of Headwaters Economics, said Thursday. “Are people ready to try something else? That’s not for me to say. But if you look at other places with (national parks), it clearly indicates there’s an opportunity here.”




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