Wash. Fairgrounds May Get Central Dump

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RV and camper users may get a new place to dump their waste at the Grant County Fairgrounds in Moses Lake in east central Washington.

The fairgrounds presently has 50 spots connected to a septic system, but doesn’t have any place for other RVs and campers to dump their waste, fairgrounds manager Jerry Gingrich said. The lack of a spot is one of the major complaints Gingrich received from RV rallies, iFiberOne News, Ephrata, Wash., reported.

“Last year we had three events, and they take up nearly the whole fairgrounds,” he said. “We’ve had upwards of 500 RVs … That’s what we’re trying to accommodate and make sure all of our customers are taken care of.”

Gingrich explained the fairgrounds used to have a place for RVs and trailers to dump their waste, but had to shut it down because the state Department of Health permitting process. The change meant people would need to go to Moses Lake, or use a rest stop along Interstate 90. The county is renewing a permit for its septic system.

The present plan is to build an about 1,500- to 2,000-gallon holding tank and charge users a fee to dump, he said. The fee is aimed at recouping the cost, but he doesn’t want it so high it will deter people from using it.

“It’s not a real hard project. The only question is, ‘Where are we going to put it so it’s not blocking anything and where it can be used?’” Gingrich said.

Planning for the project is still continuing, and Gingrich didn’t know what the cost would be yet.

“We got the green light from the commissioners,” he said. “We have a meeting with a couple of construction companies … We’re going to ask them to do some estimates.”


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