CalARVC Lobbying for Marketing Referendum

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The California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) is urging its members to vote “Yes” on a referendum next week to renew California’s Marketing Referendum.

“Visit California is working. But we need your help to ensure that California is able to continue marketing its unique brand to potential visitors throughout the world,” CalARVC states in this week’s issue of “Wednesday Morning Coffee Talk & Updates.”

Visit California is an industry-led partnership with the state that requires a renewal every six years. The last renewal passed with 91% support, an indication of how valuable Visit California is to the industry, CalARVC notes. Without your YES Vote, Visit California will cease to exist and the marketing efforts that have been so successful will end, the association stated.

Visit California uses its resources very efficiently – 92% of its budget goes to brand marketing and reserve. Visit California’s low overhead contributes to its incredible 231:1 return on investment. And as a result of legislation passed in 2006, the rental car industry contributes 81% of the total Visit California budget.

Over the last 15 years, Visit California has become one of the nation’s premier state marketing agencies — promoting California travel and tourism. In 2011, tourism in California generated a record of $102.3 billion in direct travel-related spending, which in turn produced $6.3 billion in state and local tax revenues, and directly supported 893,000 California jobs.

This month, please vote YES on the renewal to keep California travel and tourism strong

Caroline Beteta

Agency Seeks Support

Caroline Beteta, president and CEO of Visit California, urges support on the agency’s website. She states in a current web posting:

“Since its inception more than a decade ago, Visit California has become one of the nation’s premier state marketing agencies – promoting the California brand and helping to increase tourism and travel-related spending. The marketing campaigns Visit California creates are among the best in the country and have developed a strong brand for our state. Even through the recent tough economic times, with Visit California’s efforts, this year tourism grew 7.6% from last year, generating $102.3 billion in spending in California in 2011.

Additionally, Visit California functions as an extremely efficient operation. They have a proven track record of spending money wisely, with more than 85% of the $50 million budget going directly to marketing. This marketing brings visitors from all around the world, benefiting California businesses and the economy.

This March, assessed businesses will be asked to approve the renewal of their assessments that help fund Visit California. Without the renewal, California would drop to dead last among state tourism marketing budgets – eliminating virtually all tourism marketing for California. Currently, $300 million is allocated for the next six years for tourism marketing. This funding will allow Visit California to continue bringing visitors to our great state. With your support, we encourage you to vote ‘YES’ on the 2013 California Marketing Renewal.”

Click here to see a well-known TV and movie star lobby for Visit California support.

Two Groups promote Travel

Interestingly, California has two organizations to promote travel in the state

Each has different funding structures and each serve vital roles. Why does California have two organizations? Simply stated, “To remove funding control from the California legislature,” CalARVC explained.

For years, CalTravel fought to preserve funding for the Office of Tourism. At times when the city of Las Vegas had an annual budget of $100 million, California only had $7 million for the entire state. Some years, it was $1. CalTravel’s leaders decided the industry needed to tax itself in order to create a steady stream of revenue and to control how it was spent.

After the first statewide industry referendum, the California Travel & Tourism Commission was formed. The industry must approve the ongoing existence of the commission every 6 years. Three referendums later with a budget of $50 million annually, tourism is California’s fourth largest employer and fifth largest contributor to the gross state product.


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