California State Park Action Plan Issued

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Anthony Jackson pledges to restore faith in California state parks.

Anthony Jackson, newly appointed director of the California State Parks, has issued a strategic action plan for 2013-2014.

The introduction to that plan follows. Click here to read the entire report.


The past few months have been challenging to California State Parks, but they have been a catalyst for positive change. The crises we are going through do not define us, but they will help us move forward. Let me assure you that moving forward is not a rhetorical statement, but an opportunity and a responsibility for all of us. As I enter my first full year as the 19th Director of the California Department of Parks and Recreation, I introduce you to our Department’s Strategic Action Plan. This plan will help set the direction for our actions over the next two years, while we develop a long-term plan for stewarding California’s park system in and through the 21st century.

Over the next year we will lay the foundation for the long-term vision and plan that will ensure a vibrant and sustainable State Park System. Working with State Park employees, the Natural Resources Agency, and the public, and with guidance from the Legislature, we will create a public process, directed by an independent task force comprised of members known for their intellect, integrity, experience, and commitment to the common good. This planning process will result in a broadly supported, innovative, fiscally sound long-term plan we will implement immediately. This process will enable us to explore new and better means of carrying out our mission and stewarding the resources in our charge.

Right now, California State Parks has all the pieces, expertise, passion and commitment to be the best. My goal is to connect those pieces, so that together, we can become a more sophisticated entity from the inside out. How do we do that? In simple terms, we get back to the basics and our mission. We move away from the 20th-century construct and mentality that has inherently hindered our Department. We also set goals and strategies to grow, improve, inspire, connect, and make California State Parks the example to follow, not just in the nation, but the world.


In this Strategic Action Plan, I have identified broad goals and objectives that capture an array of actions to get us on the right track. From this plan, it is imperative for our units to work in tandem to identify specific tasks and tactics to be achieved within this year. Thus, this also could be considered a work plan that needs fleshing out. Our goals are to:

1. Restore public trust and accountability.

2. Protect and preserve resources and facilities in the existing State Park System.

3. Maintain the cleanest park facilities and restrooms in the country.

4. Connect people to California’s State Park System.

5. Build the foundation for a sustainable future.

The actions needed to accomplish these goals will inspire confidence among our partners and the public that the people’s natural, cultural and financial resources are expertly managed. To that end, it is each and every State Parks employee and volunteer’s responsibility to read and understand this Strategic Action Plan. Leaders at every level will issue implementing directives. However, all employees have a responsibility to fully support and aggressively implement the intent of this plan. We are all partners in this Brilliance in the Basics plan.



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