Profaizer: Mobile Marketing, Hot Trend in 2013

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Linda Profaizer

Linda Profaizer, a Colorado resident and immediate past-president of ARVC, wrote the following column for Woodall’s Campground Management. She can be contacted at Having stepped away from her association duties at the end of 2010, she welcomes input on topics of importance to campground owners for upcoming columns.

As you might imagine, much of the talk for 2013 and the future is about mobile marketing. While I am personally still a believer in some print advertising as part of your marketing mix, the growing trend to mobile marketing and social media cannot be ignored. As one smart, small businessperson stated, “Another way to lose control is to ignore something when you should address it.”

A few years ago, we were talking about e-mails and websites combined with some traditional offline marketing like print ads and brochures. Today, it can be a bit overwhelming with so many social media options, e-mail marketing, e-commerce and search engine optimization. Many park owners are involved with social media and many have either their current website viewed via smart phones and or have had special sites designed for the mobile media.

If you haven’t done anything to address the mobile market, now is the time and if you are already involved in this media, now is a good time to make sure that what you are offering to the public is easy to use and that your marketing objectives are being addressed.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware of the growing number of mobile users and the need to offer mobile versions of your web pages and marketing campaigns. More and more of your customers will go online with mobile devices this year. Vendors can make your website mobile-friendly at a reasonable cost, but not all sites can be copied and replicated. You might need to outsource the mobile design. It is important to have either a mobile-specific website or a responsive website that views properly on different devices. If your budget can’t handle going fully mobile, you could utilize Facebook or Twitter applications that are mobile friendly.

Some Mobile Marketing Tips

Today, people are reading your content on their mobile devices while waiting at stoplights in their cars, as they’re watching TV, eating dinner and while walking down the street. As a result, your mobile content may need to be bigger, shorter and simpler.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • Make your website scanable. You want the reader to get the gist in the first screen without having to scroll down two or three screens to find your call to action or key content.
  • Design for the tap instead of the click. The fingertip is the new mouse – it is more portable, but much less accurate. So, you have to give it more room. Use a larger font size and a bigger Call to Action (CTA) button to help facilitate this. Avoid scrunched-up lists of tap-able links. I’ve found these lists on many mobile sites and it’s very frustrating to try to tap on the correct one.
  • Pay attention to the landing pages that will typically be navigated to from mobile phones. If users are tapping on a link to the reservations page, make sure you don’t deliver them content that displays awkwardly on a mobile device and make sure it works.
  • Make sure that you have the most crucial information on your mobile site. Having too much content can minimize the important points and decrease your site’s usability.

According to an article in the October 2012 issue of eMarketer, the number of U.S. smartphone users is projected to reach nearly 200 million by 2016 from the current 120 million and the number of tablet users is expected to jump to 133 million in 2015, so don’t ignore this growing marketing medium. As the popularity of these mobile devices continues to rise, customers will increasingly expect your content to be delivered in a mobile-friendly fashion. Thinking of not going mobile is like not showing up in a “search” these days – if you’re not there, you’re out of the game. Don’t disappoint.




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  1. Jeff Loper on March 6th, 2013 3:01 pm

    Awesome information, Linda. Thank you. Not only are the facts regarding the number of mobile users impressive, but the number of people using their mobile devices to research and book travel are rising fast. eMarketer’s research also found that 25 million US mobile users will research travel information on their mobile devices before making a trip this year, and nearly 12 million will use the mobile channel to book their plans. Mobile is no longer just the future…it’s NOW!