Vine: 6 Seconds of Life; 13 Ways to Use It

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Jeff Loper

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Vine is yet another social media tool. I know what you’re thinking…”aren’t there enough already?!?” In this post I’ll explain exactly what Vine is and 13 ways you can use it in your campground marketing.

What is Vine?

Vine launched earlier this year is a video sharing app and it’s currently only available for the iPhone and iPad. The app itself was made by Twitter and therefore integrates seamlessly with your Twitter account, meaning whatever you post to Vine automatically posts to your Twitter account. It’s also more fun and I can see where campgrounds and RV parks can get a lot of use out of it. If you’re using Twitter, you know that you must focus on short, concise updates of 140 characters or less. Well, Vine isn’t much different in that you can only film and share six seconds of video. So, you have to be creative in using it. Once the video is posted, it loops continuously like the videos shared in this post.

How to Use Vine

Using Vine is pretty self-explanatory, but there is a cool feature I want to point out. Quite simply, by clicking on the little video camera icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app you will be able to film short video clips. Upon clicking it a screen will open showing what your are about to film, just like when using your camera app. To actually begin recording you touch the screen. When filming the video you have two options:

  • Continuous Filming: Keep your finger on the screen and film a continuous six seconds, or…
  • Stop Motion Filming: This is the cool feature. While filming release your finger from the screen and the video stops recording. You can then touch the screen again and filming resumes. This is great for stop motion videos. An example would be using this stop-and-start technique to create a series of six, one-second clips showing a pop-up camper as it’s being set up in one of your best, most scenic sites. Or, if you’re creative you can film a clever stop motion video like the one here.

13 Ways to Use Vine in Campground Marketing

While you may be wondering how on earth will six seconds of video help your campground or RV park in your marketing efforts, there are ways. If you’re using Twitter, you probably thought the same thing about 140 characters. Here are 13 suggestions to get you started.

  • Post Status Updates: Rather than posting to Twitter using text, use Vine to make it a little more interesting with video. Plus, it gives your account more personality.
  • Introduce Staff: Have each of your staff members say their name and what they do. It puts a face with the name, so-to-speak.
  • Show Activities: Film clips of activities taking place at your campground so people can see all the fun your place offers.
  • Show Improvements: Just finished adding a new feature or making an improvement? Show it off.
  • Show Campers: Quite simply, just show your campers enjoying themselves.
  • Capture Things to Do at Your Campground: Whether it’s a pool, miniature golf course, fishing hole, hiking trail, or game room, share the many things people can do at your place.
  • Capture Things to Do Near Your Campground: Film area attractions and events so campers know all that your area has to offer.
  • Share a Quick Tip: Have a quick tip about camping, your campground, campground cooking, etc? Post it.
  • Create a Funny Video: Humor is always great in the social media space.
  • Camper Interview: Ask campers a question and ask them to answer it on film. This makes for great little testimonials about your campground.
  • Share Trivia: Whether it’s about your campground or the surrounding area, share interesting facts that campers would want to know.
  • An Inside Look at Your Business: Believe it or not, people are interested in what you do. Share clips showing some of your day-to-day operations and how you handle them. Greeting campers, filling propane, cleaning fire pits, mowing the property, etc. This not only gives people an inside look, but it’s an opportunity to show off your customer service attitude, the services you offer, and how you care for your park.
  • Promote a Special or Contest: Use Vine to get word going about an upcoming special or contest.

Vine can be a great opportunity to show off your campground or RV park’s personality in a way your website, photos, and text can’t. Quite often nothing says it better than video. Will you give it a try?





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