With 18 Parks in Area, Why Add Another?

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A drawing of the proposed 628-site Love Creek RV park near Lewes, Del., has been superimposed on this photo by Ron Arthur for the Cape Gazette.

Editor’s Note: The following letter to the editor was signed by Anne and Patrick French, residents of the Retreat at Love Creek near Lewes, Del. It appeared in the Cape Gazette, Lewes.

The Lewes/Rehoboth community does not need an RV park, as the developer claims in presentations to county council members. The Love Creek location proposed for the 628-site RV resort is a residential area. As we, the opposition, have shown – there are 18 RV parks located in a 20-mile radius of this area with over 5,000 sites (with more than half available on most occasions). Recent housing development in this area has been very successful – making healthy contributions to county revenues (realty transfer taxes, plus automobile transfer fees) and increasing property values.

The comprehensive plan’s stated purpose regarding the current zoning regulations is to promote (among other things) safety, order, prosperity and general welfare of the inhabitants of Sussex County. Taking into consideration the many possible negative outcomes from establishing an RV site on Love Creek: loss of county revenue from a residential development vs. RV park, impact on traffic on Route 24, Plantation Road, Cedar Grove Road (danger on Cedar Grove with the short “S” turns on a narrow road), negative effect on the waters of Love Creek by people who don’t have a vested interest in our community, potential fires (unsupervised campfires), stress on emergency assistance, etc., it seems that common sense should prevail.

With over 1,000 petitions in opposition signed by concerned tax-paying residents of Sussex County – we believe the inhabitants have spoken.

This matter has raised awareness of the critical need for the county planner position to be filled – ASAP. It has been several years since we had a person in such a position. We need a county planner who will defend the comprehensive plan for this area. We need a professional who is experienced, objective and independent. We need a planner who will expertly advise planning and zoning and County Council members on the correct path to benefit not the pockets of a few wealthy individuals but of all the people – in this matter, those surrounding the proposed RV Park.

The majority has spoken – with over-flowing attendance at public hearings, 1,000-plus petitions, numerous letters to officials and media, etc. We hope that our county representatives have listened and we urge them to vote against the zoning changes requested by Townsend/Lingo. Plus – fill the county planner position.




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