Ala. Campground Features 100 ATV Trails

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Riders gather near the Choccolocco Mountain Campground in Alabama.

Trey McDonald decided he wanted to create a family friendly place for people to be able to enjoy the outdoors so he set out to build a campground and riding park like he and so many others like to visit, the Jacksonville (Ala.) News reported.

After a lot of hard work making camping areas and riding trails, he opened Choccolocco Mountain Campground near Jacksonville. The campground has bathhouses, 15 RV sites, a children’s playground, primitive camping and over 100 riding trails. On April 6 over 1,000 people came to Jacksonville from across the country to attend an event organized by Southern Rock Racing Series.

“I couldn’t believe how full all the motels, restaurants and gas stations were.” McDonald said. “I think this could really benefit our town. There are a lot of people in the area who have started building vehicles and camping more because of this new place. People come from all over the United States to spend their vacation at the campground.”



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  1. Charlie on April 18th, 2013 2:58 pm

    Good luck Trey
    We used to allow the 4 wheelers with the provision that good sense would be used.

    Now we ban all 4 wheelers from our park because the lack of any common sense of the riders. we would have the little 5 year olds going flat out and trying jumps. After a couple of minor bang up, (could have been bad if not fatal) we said enough is enough.

    Now only hiking, bikes and horses are allowed on the 15 miles of trails