Camper Gets Park Action on Damage Claims

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A British Columbia family is upset over damage falling trees caused to their trailer last summer in Banff National Park, and they want Parks Canada to pay for it, CBC News reported.

The Lascano family hoped they would be using their trailer again at a campsite this summer, but instead it is parked in their driveway with nearly $5,000 in damage that needs to be fixed.

Cecilia Lascano of Coquitlam said the damage happened when a violent wind storm uprooted trees at Tunnell Mountain Village in the park last July.

“I heard the tree cracking and I just ran away from the trailer and I just saw the tree fall right on top,” she said.

The bed area of the trail was destroyed, along with their canoe.

“I was in shock, Lascano said. “I was crying I was shaking. I didn’t know what to do.”

The basic Insurance Corp. of British Columbia (ICBC) coverage on the trailer only covers accidents on the road. The Lascanos had extra private insurance that cost them $156 a year, but it expired in 2011.

The Lascanos say that at the time of the accident a park supervisor said Parks Canada would cover the cost if the insurance company didn’t.

The Lascanos said they had sent four emails and made four phone calls to Parks Canada since the accident last July. After CBC News was included in these emails, Patti Vickers, a spokeswoman with Banff National Park of Canada, said the park administration wants to see copies of the ICBC claims the family has put in.

“We thought that this issue was easily resolved and we left a number of messages with the family stating they needed to provide copies of the documentation and the correspondence with the insurance company,” Vickers said.

“It’s very unfortunate that it has reached this level and we will be preceding as quickly as possible upon receipt of the information we have requested.”

Parks Canada says the incident was a rare occurrence and if the Lascanos’ documents show their insurance will not cover the incident, then Parks Canada will cover the costs to repair the damage to the trailer.



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