Court Delays Auction of Morgan’s Maine Park

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Flagg’s RV Resort LLC in York Maine, has successfully obtained a restraining order to temporarily stop the mortgage holder of the York Beach RV park from selling the property at foreclosure auction, reported.

The RV park on Garrison Avenue in York was scheduled for foreclosure auction March 22, according to a published public notice. On March 21, the York County Superior Court granted Flagg’s a 60-day emergency temporary restraining order, according to court records.

Flagg’s is part of Morgan RV Resorts of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., a business now called Morgan Recreation Vacations at its online website, In court records, Flagg’s is listed as a Delaware company, and in 2007, was among seven campgrounds Morgan used as collateral toward a $38 million loan from Countrywide Commercial Real Estate Finance Inc.

The Countrywide loan was transferred several times and the mortgage is now held by a limited liability company from Delaware called MLCFC 2007-9 ACR Master SPE LLC.

MLCFC 2007-9 ACR MASTER SPE LLC sought to foreclose on all the properties and scheduled the Flagg’s auction, according to the published notice of the sale.

Neither Robert Moser of Morgan RV Resorts nor the mortgage company’s attorney, Kevin Collins, of Wilmington, Del., returned phone calls for comment.

The day after the originally scheduled auction, workers at the York Beach camper park who said they worked for Morgan were disassembling and moving to an undisclosed location an estimated half-dozen “park models” — cottage-like recreational vehicles. The park models were recently brought in, having replaced two other types of units in the park.

When Morgan brought in the first park models two years ago, it ousted an estimated 10 seasonal RVs from the park. Other campers, fearful of the change, moved out on their own accord, with many going to Wells Beach. Where once there were more than 80 RVs at Flagg’s, about a dozen remain, according to longtime camper Patricia Lee, commenting through The York Weekly’s Facebook page.

How the potential foreclosure of Flagg’s affects the remaining seasonal residents, who expect to return to York Beach this summer, is still unknown. Lee and camper Melvin Riggs of Oklahoma said they’ve already paid Morgan some or all of the money on their estimated $5,000 lease to stay at Flagg’s for the season. The money was due April 1, they said.

Riggs said representatives from Morgan called him almost daily for at least a week in March, trying to get him to pay the remaining $3,700 on his estimated $5,200 summer lease before the deadline.

Neither was told of the scheduled March 22 foreclosure sale, they said.

Morgan Recreation Vacations sought to stop not only of the foreclosure on Flagg’s RV Resort, but also on two other Maine properties in Rockport, Megunticook RV Resort LLC and Camden Hills RV Resort LLC, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Morgan was unsuccessful in its request for an emergency restraining order in the Rockport cases. On March 21, the day the Knox County Superior Court denied the requests, the foreclosure sales went forward. However, the mortgage holder ended up keeping the properties when it did not receive what it considered to be suitable prices, according to the Bangor Daily.

The resort owner filed an appeal to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court on the lower court ruling, citing it as inconsistent with that of the York County Superior Court concerning Flagg’s, according to the paper.

A view of Flagg’s RV Resort on York Beach in Maine.




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