Red Rover and Florida ARVC Form Alliance

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The Florida Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (FARVC) and Red Rover Camping recently formed an alliance, reports Red Rover Camping Top Dog, Robert Bouse.

FARVC will encourage their 380-plus member campgrounds to affiliate with Red Rover to help them fill their empty campsites with new customers, according to a news release. Red Rover has agreed to accept the 10% Florida Camper Club Card discount it provides to campers and take the 10% out of Red Rover’s commission on the sites they book for participating FARVC member campgrounds.

Red Rover has also agreed to make available the Red Rover reservation system at no cost to FARVC member campgrounds that need a system.

“Red Rover is not in the reservation system business and has no plans of being in that arena. However there are a number of FARVC member campgrounds that do not currently have a system. We have spent a great deal to create a state-of-the-art system for Red Rover and the six campgrounds we own and feel that to stay competitive in today’s market every campground should have a reservation system, access to the internet and be able to book reservations online with real-time inventory. We want owners to know that our slogan A Campground Owners Best Friend is more than just a slogan,” said Bouse.

Bobby Cornwell, executive cirector of FARVC, said, “Red Rover is an exciting new way for our member campgrounds to enhance the marketing they currently do, drive new customers to their parks and do so when they know they are going to have empty campsites. FARVC members will have no sign up costs, fees or contracts. Parks only pay when Red Rover actually sends them a customer. With Red Rover taking on the 10% Florida Camper Club Card discount, most of our members can take advantage of the marketing Red Rover offers to fill empty campsites at no net cost to them. Many parks will be essentially earning what they are now. The added opportunity for our members that don’t have a reservation system to have one for free is an additional benefit to be a member of FARVC. It’s a win/win for everyone.”

Bouse is hoping that the relationship with the Texas Association of Campground Owners (TACO) and Florida RV Parks and Campgrounds will encourage other state campground associations to find this type of alliance attractive for their member campgrounds as well.


Florida ARVC is the professional trade association for RV park and campground owners and operators in Florida. The association’s membership consists of over 380 of Florida’s premier campgrounds and RV parks.

Florida ARVC provides their members with the services and support RV parks and campgrounds need to be successful, all while promoting the growth and development of Florida’s camping and RV industry. This is accomplished through extensive member promotion, education, cost-saving programs, and legislative consulting and representation.

About Red Rover

Red Rover Camping offers an online, searchable database of campgrounds across the country and a state-of-the-art reservation system that allows for real-time online booking for customers.

Red Rover uses several marketing channels to drive customers to its website and to deliver customers to their desired campground, providing a great benefit for campgrounds looking to fill empty campsites.

To learn more about Red Rover Camping visit or call (888) 833-8399 ext. 1246.



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