Report: Mt. Washington Traffic is Increasing

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The cog railway is one way to reach the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

Members of the Mount Washington Commission support and encourage the increased use of the Mount Washington State Park at the summit of Mount Washington near Gorham, N.H., but success has its drawbacks, according to commission members at their March meeting March 29 at the Great Glen Trails lodge.

Park general manager Mike Pelchat noted that in this early spring season, at times there are as many as 100 hikers lined up to have their picture taken by the sign denoting the peak of the summit. But the park’s main building, the Sherman Adams Building, is not open to the general public until the summer season, The Berlin Daily Sun reported.

“It’s getting busier and busier,” Pelchat said. “We used to see hundreds waiting their turn to get their picture taken at the sign, usually in the summer, not the winter. Literally, now we have hundreds in the winter.”

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