RVDA of Canada Lobbying for RV Industry

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The RVDA of Canada board met in Ottawa on Monday (April 15) advocating on several issues affecting the RV industry.

The board meeting was followed by the traditional reception with members of parliament (MPs) and other senior officers, local dealers and campground operators and Tourism Canada representatives.

Today, board members, dealers and campground operators will team up in pairs to meet a multitude of MPs, senior government officials and others on issues of concern to the RV industry. Typically, 40 such meetings are held.

Initiatives to be discussed include a dedicated investment in tourism policies to support the RV and campground industries as part of a comprehensive Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) framework. Recommendations by RVDA of Canada include:

  • The CTC should include particular messaging to target markets where RV rentals are being offered in Canada. Promotion should gear towards a different way and a new experience to discover Canada.
  • The government of Canada should provide targeted and dedicated investment in camping/RV infrastructure in Canada’s National Parks. Investing in camping/RV infrastructure will play a critical role in the overall contributions of the tourism industry to future economic development and prosperity.

The TVDA of Canada will also address crossborder needs for the RV industry. Recommendations include:

  • In order to ensure the safe operation and use of all RVs across Canada, countrywide certification — on an equal level playing field – must be implemented for all used imports for consumers, as well as retailers.
  • Through this national standard, the inspection process will be conducted through a secure and legitimate source, ensuring consumer and dealer safety across the country. This measure would help alleviate improper safety checks conducted by non-licensed facilities, and avoid compromising the safety of Canadians.
  • Duties on aftermarket RV parts and add-ons should be reduced to zero. Currently duties range between 7% and 18%.

Advocacy initiatives also include input on the federal budget. When the 2013 federal budget RVDA of Canada will issue an update to dealers on new or updated policies that could affect their business.


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