S. Carolina Scouts Building 600 Picnic Tables

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Big effort underway

Over the course of 60 days in the months of March and April, the Boy Scouts of America have built 600 new picnic tables to be placed in 32 of South Carolina’s 47 state parks, The Morning News, Florence, reported.

The project, dubbed “600 in 60,” is a joint project between the Boy Scouts and Cox Industries, an Orangeburg-based lumber company. Cox Industries supplied the materials (predrilled and precut wood, nuts, bolts, and screws) and shipped them to supply stores and lumber yards near the parks. Once the supplies were distributed, more than 2,000 scouts, with ages ranging from 7-18, assembled the tables at the various parks.

Michael Johnson, president and CEO of Cox Industries, came up with the idea, which grew out of his appreciation for state parks and scouting programs. Johnson is also an Eagle Scout.

Gov. Nikki Haley praised the project, saying, “This is how public-private partnerships are supposed to work. We have a corporate partner committed to community service, a state agency with specific needs and a volunteer organization ready to help. It is an ideal collaboration that works for everyone involved.”

Each scout who completed a table was given an official patch designed specifically for “600 in 60.” The last of the picnic tables will be built April 27.


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