Warrick: Schaeffer ‘Distorted’ Court’s Ruling

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Wally Warrick, president and CEO of Southeast Publications Inc., has issued a brief response to a press release distributed earlier this week by Brian Schaeffer, president of Texas Advertising and AGS, concerning litigation involving Southeast Publications and Schaeffer and his two firms.

In response to an inquiry from Woodall’s Campground Management, Warrick stated, “While we do not wish to try this case in a public forum, nor impose this entire industry with any issues that two competitors may have, I will ask you to remind your readers that press releases are submitted by those most favorably impacted by it, in this case AGS and Schaeffer, who in our opinion have distorted the import of the recent, intermediate ruling, in a case that has yet to reach the trial stage.”

He added, “Just to be clear, we certainly have no objection to you following the cases in Florida or Texas, if you genuinely think they are of interest to your readers.  However, we just would prefer not to make out-of-court statements while the dispute is ongoing. Instead, we’ll just let the court filings speak for themselves and let the process take its course.”

On March 28, Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips granted the dismissal of all claims asserted by Southeast Publications USA Inc. against Texas Advertising Inc. d/b/a AGS and Schaeffer.

The case was pending in Florida state court and generally alleged that TXAD and Schaeffer, a former Southeast Publications Inc. employee, had misappropriated trade secrets and interfered with Southeast’s contracts and business relationships.


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